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With as many as 4x the wild cards in any standard Aces and Faces online poker game, plus up to five hands to play at once and some giant wins including a 10,000 coins jackpot, Aces and Faces Multi-Hand is an excellent choice for online casino games players who know their online video poker games and are looking for some faster action. Play when it suits you, on web-browser online video poker software or downloaded software, with one hand or up to five in action, for real money payouts or just for fun – no deposit needed. How will you choose to play Aces and Faces Multi-Hand today?

Some Aces & Faces Multi-Hand Basics to Get You Started

You play Aces and Faces Multi-Hand using the standard Aces and Faces video poker rules, only you enjoy lots of benefits. More hands mean extra fast action as you have to think on your feet as you manage several games at once – providing plenty of fun and entertainment, it’s no wonder that this is a favourite among experienced online video poker players. Played from 0.25 a round, you can play up to five coins for each hand and up to five hands in total - so make sure you plan your wagering carefully when setting up your Aces and Faces Multi-Hand game. Your aim when playing is to end up with the best five-card online video poker hand, with the chance to discard cards and accept a second deal to improve on what you were dealt in your initial hand. You can find these games in our online casino lobby at any time - games are available 24/7.

Aces & Faces Multi-Hand Special Features and Benefits

There is one joker per deck and all jokers and deuces are wild when you play Aces and Faces Multi-Hand. The game’s name refers to its payouts as you play, and the lowest payout combination you can make is a pair of Jacks; every combination valued above this is also a winner, including straights, flushes, a full house, straight flushes, four and five of a kind, all types of royal flushes including natural and with a wild, four deuces, and four deuces combined with a joker. You can win up to 10,000 coins when you hit the jackpot combination playing at Max Bet. If you don’t play at Max Bet you will still win a massive payout, but as all payouts are based on your wager amount it won’t be as huge as 10,000 coins but it will boost your bankroll with a giant payout!