2 Ways Royal Videopoker

Let’s face it, we all dream of getting a Royal Flush and rarely does a hand begin where a Royal Flush is not our aspiration. Well, 2 Ways Royal, sometimes referred to as Acey Deucey, is a game for those who believe that this aspiration can be realised. If you get the famous Ten through Ace Royal or High Flush or alternatively the Ace through Five Royal or Low Flush then you will be in the money. Be aware though, by going for the big payout, you may not win as much by obtaining one of the other lower winning hands.

Playing Online 2 Ways Royal Videopoker at Casino.com Canada

Like most of the online videopoker games at our online casino, you will kick off your hand by placing a bet. You can either “Bet Max” or decide to bet less by placing individual coins in the machine. Once you have clicked on “Deal” and received your five cards you should “Hold” the cards you want to save. Clicking on “Deal” a second time will replace the discarded cards and now you are in a position to determine if you are a winner or not.

Online 2 Ways Royal Videopoker Bonus

Similar to our other online videopoker games, a winning hand gives you the chance to double your earnings. If you decide to take up this challenge, you will be asked to pick a random card. The dealer will do the same and the higher value card wins. If that belongs to you, your winnings are doubled immediately. If it belongs to the dealer then you will lose the whole amount. Good luck!

Play Online 2 Ways Royal Videopoker Now at Canadian Casino!

Download the Canadian Casino software, set up an account and start playing 2 Ways Royal Videopoker today! It’s a game for dreamers, but if you’re feeling good today, then it may just be your time. You can also play one of our other online casino games such as All American Videopoker or 4-Lines Deuces Wild.

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