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A unique and fast-paced online card games that you can play in the comfort of your own home, Stravaganza is a relatively new game on the online casino floor, but it is fast growing in popularity thanks to its multi-layered betting and bonus payouts. Enjoy state of the art graphics and fast response software as you go heads up against the dealer – and if you choose to play real money Stravaganza online casino games with us at Canada today, you can also claim your Welcome Bonus up to $400 (plus 200 free spins).

Stravaganza Online: How to Play

Every round Stravaganza begins with you and the dealer receiving two cards each; the dealer’s are face down and the player’s are face up. The cards are valued by the numbers shown on their faces; with royalty cards worth 10 points and Aces worth one point. Once you have received your cards, their total affects your moves. Your goal is to hit the biggest possible sum; unlike online Blackjack, you can’t go bust, so the bigger the value of your hand the better. If the points sum of your initial two cards is 5 or below, you can opt to take your wager back in full. If the point sum is between 6 and 9, a rescue bet option appears and this allows you to claim half of your wager and fold the hand. You can also choose to Play On – you need to match your original wager to do this – and receive another card to try and improve your hand. If you have been dealt two cards that total 10 or higher you can opt to Play On for an extra wager or Sit at no extra cost. If you choose to Sit, you are hoping that the dealer still draws a lower hand value with his extra card.

Wagering & Payouts

The Play bet is your initial wager and can be claimed back when you hit a low value hand, and Play On is at an additional cost if you wish to play your Stravaganza hand. Players usually only choose to Sit when they have a mammoth hand. If a dealer’s hand contains a red Ace, you automatically lose the game – but you can still win bonus payouts. There are several bonus payouts when you land a specific hand. You might lose, when the dealer turns over a red ace, but still win a bonus payout. Land three face cards for a 1.5x payout, or three of a kind for a 3-1 payout: these extra payouts bring another dimension to your game.