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If you fancy some exciting heads-up poker action that is easy to learn but offers big rewards, take a look at our Casino Hold ‘em online card games at Canada today. The aim of Casino Hold ’em is to create the best possible five card poker hand that you can using your two hole cards and five community cards. Played with a standard deck of 52 cards, the rules are straightforward and quick to learn, so you’ll be at the heart of the online casino action in no time. You can play without making a deposit with Practice games that use virtual chips, or to win actual cash payouts you can play real money games. Winnings are based on standard Texas Hold ‘em hand hierarchy, with big payouts available. And if you choose real money games today, you can also claim your online casino games Welcome Bonus up to $400 (plus 200 free spins).

How to Play Casino Hold’em

At the start of each round you must place an ante bet. There’s also an optional AA bonus side bet you can make. Once your bet or bets are in place, you and the dealer will both receive two cards each, with the player cards face up and the dealer cards face down. The dealer must have at least a pair of 4s to qualify or else your call bet is returned. If the dealer qualifies, an additional three community cards are then dealt; if you made the optional AA side bet, this outcome will be concluded now. The AA bet wins if you can make a pair of aces or better using your two cards and the three community cards, with the payout determined by the strength of your hand, based on standard poker hand hierarchy. Once the side bet has been settled, you then opt to fold your hand and forfeit your ante, or you can continue playing by making a call bet for an additional wager. A further two community cards will be added to the table. Your aim is to now make the best possible five-card poker hand that you can.

Casino Hold’em Payouts

If the dealer qualifies and has a better hand than you, you will lose your ante and your call bet. If the dealer qualifies and you have the better hand, you’ll win a payout that is equal to your ante, as well as an additional win on your call bet. The amount you win will be determined by the strength of your hand; check out the payout table to see what you can win. You can win as much as 10-1 for a four of a kind, 20-1 for a straight flush and 100:1 for the ultimate hand - a royal flush.