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Worms Reloaded is a terrific new adaptation of the world-famous Worms games. Blueprint Gaming has put together a dynamic video slot that offers players an incredible amount of features, as well as access to a progressive jackpot feature.

This video slot combines the action-packed style of the original game with some new features, making this a title sure to grab your attention right away.

The striking presentation in Worms Reloaded makes it instantly recognisable as a Worms title. Its graphics look as though they’ve jumped straight from the original games, and the theme matches up to it perfectly the whole way through.

There are 20 paylines on offer to players, which is the industry standard.

Main Features

  • Game Type: 5 reels and 20 paylines
  • Return to Player (RTP): 92.66%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Theme: Video game
  • Release Year: 2016

The symbols in Worms Reloaded are superb. They all feature some of the most famous weapons available in the Worms series, and they give the game an amazing feel.

The highest-paying symbols in the game are the Wild symbol and logo symbol. Both of these will pay out 500 times your line bet whenever you land five on a payline.

Play for Fun

Playing Worms Reloaded as a demo version is very easy to do at CA. All it takes is for you to log into your CA account, and you can start playing within moments.

This allows you to get your head around all of the different features and how to manage your bankroll, without having to risk a deposit.

Play for Real Money

If you feel that you’re fully up to speed with Worms Reloaded’s gameplay, you can try playing it for real money. Get yourself off to a start by logging into your CA account, and make sure that it has funds in.

Once you do this, it’s really easy to just start playing. You might want to check our collection of bonuses and promotions, too. Just ensure that you set a budget and stick to it when you play for real money.


There is a maximum payout of 500 times your stake in the base game for Worms Reloaded. You can also find a progressive jackpot, which offers bigger payouts.


Bet sizes

  • Coin: 1 coin
  • Coin size: 01 to 25.00
  • Bet: 20 to 500.00


  • Main: Round Rocket, Cone Rocket, Fist Rocket, Shotgun, Logo
  • Standard: Ace, King, Queen, Jack
  • Wild: Jester Worm
  • Scatter: Battleground, Jetpack, Blitz Blast, Super Sheep, Bonus

All payouts are multiplied by your line bet

Symbol  2 on a payline 3 on a payline 4 on a payline 5 on a payline
Round Rocket - 20 80 200
Cone Rocket - 20 80 200
Fist Rocket - 10 60 100
Shotgun - 10 60 100
Logo 2 40 100 500
Ace - 8 40 80
King - 8 40 80
Queen - 4 10 40
Jack - 4 10 40
Jester Worm 2 40 100 500
Battleground - - - -
Jetpack - - - -
Blitz Blast - - - -
Super Sheep - - - -
Bonus - - - -

One of the best things in Worms Reloaded is that it’s absolutely packed with features. During the base game, there are four features that can be activated completely at random at any point in the game. You’ll know they’re coming when the grenade in the logo explodes, and then one of the four features will start.

The first is the banana bombs Wild feature, which adds Wilds to the reels, as well as creating an extra spin. Next up is the Holy Hand Grenade. This will add a plethora of bonus symbols to the reels, which may increase the chances of the bonus features being triggered.

Third is the Teleport Mayhem bonus, designed to move all of the symbols around until they create a winning combination. Finally, there is Concrete Donkey. This will drop concrete donkeys onto the reels, where they will leave Wild symbols in their wake.

If you can land a bonus symbol on the first and third reel, you’re in with a chance of activating the main bonus features. If one of the four specific bonus symbols lands on the final reel after the first and third have a bonus symbol on them, that feature will be triggered.

The first is the Battleground Bonus. This is a picking game which offers cash prizes and increased multipliers.

The second is the Jetpack bonus, another picker game with the potential for even bigger prizes. The third is a free spins mode called Blitz Blast, which creates the potential for unlimited free spins. This includes a fuse that wears down when a worm lands on the final reel, but as it gets shorter, the multiplier for wins increases. When the fuse runs out, the mode is over.

The final bonus is the Super Sheep round, which is a free spins mode as well. This gives six bonus spins, but also adds extra Wilds to the reels to make wins easier to create.

There is also a progressive jackpot available for players. The chance to win this is activated whenever you land five of the jackpot king symbols on the reels.

Software and Mobile Experience

Worms Reloaded works superbly on mobile devices, as it’s been optimised to a high level of quality. As a result, it delivers a great experience for all CA players.


Worms Reloaded is an incredible example of a high-quality adaptation. It boasts impressive features, some excellent graphics, and a top progressive jackpot. All in all, Worms Reloaded is an exceptional slot available at CA right now.

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