Play Twin Spins Deluxe Slot Game


If one is good and twice is nice, then Twin Spin Deluxe is a nice slot game to play. Punters will benefit from between two and six matching reels in this cluster pays slot game at Canada.

The Deluxe game is a follow up to Twin Spins, a 243 Ways to Win slot game. Netent added a few extra reels and improved from the 243 Ways to Win format to a cluster pay format instead.

Design wise you’ll get the feeling you’re driving down the street, with tall neon-lit buildings passing you while the reels are spinning. For all the complete rules, continue reading this slot review.

Twin Spin Deluxe Twin Spin Deluxe Twin Spin Deluxe

Main Features

  • Game Type: 6 reels, 5 rows, cluster pays
  • RTP: 96.61%
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Theme: Neon
  • Release Year: 2017

Play for Real Money

Twin reels provide an extra chance at winning, but to keep the money you will need to register for an account and make a deposit. There are multiple payment methods for Canadian punters to choose from, and once the money is in your account, click on the image above to play.

You can claim an exclusive Welcome Bonus to help get you started. For the details and wagering requirements, check out the Casino Bonus page now.


There is a $100,000 jackpot that can only be won if you make the maximum $100 bet and cover all 30 symbols with the highest paying symbol, a diamond.


To start playing, set your bet and click on the spin button. If you prefer to have the game run in the background, you can set the autoplay feature to play as many as 100 spins in a row. With each spin at least two adjacent reels will mirror each other, which can increase the odds of winning. To win, you need a cluster of at least nine matching symbols adjacent to each other.

  • Coins: There are two parts to making a bet in Twin Spins Deluxe. First, you have to choose a coin, between $0.01 and $1, and then set the Bet Level to anything from 1-10. The minimum bet is $0.10, and the maximum bet is $100.
  • Symbols: There are 9 symbols in this game. The diamond, 7, BAR, bell, cherries, A, K, Q, and J. The payouts are based on how many symbols are in each cluster. The diamond is the top paying symbol, with a 10,000x payout and it’s followed by the 5,000x payout from the cherry and BAR symbol. For a complete breakdown of the paytable, see the chart below.
  • Wild: There is no wild symbol in this game.
  • Scatter: There is no Scatter symbol in this game.
  Diamond 7 BAR Bell Cherry A K Q J
30 10,000x 5,000x 5,000x 2,500x 2,500x 1,000x 1,000x 1,000x 1,000x
29 9,000x 4,000x 4,000x 2,000x 2,000x 900x 900x 900x 9000x
28 8,000x 3,500x 3,500x 1,800x 1,800x 800x 800x 800x 800x
27 7,000x 3,000x 3,000x 1,500x 1,500x 700x 700x 700x 700x
26 6,000x 2,500x 2,500x 1,200x 1,200x 600x 600x 600x 600x
25 5,000x 2,100x 2,100x 1,000x 1,000x 500x 500x 500x 500x
24 4,000x 1,700x 1,700x 800x 800x 400x 400x 400x 400x
23 3,500x 1,400x 1,400x 600x 600x 300x 300x 300x 300x
22 3,000x 1,100x 1,100x 500x 500x 210x 210x 210x 210x
21 2,500x 800x 800x 400x 400x 180x 180x 180x 180x
20 2,000x 600x 600x 300x 300x 150x 150x 150x 150x
19 1,500x 500x 500x 250x 250x 120x 120x 120x 120x
18 1,200x 400x 400x 210x 210x 100x 100x 100x 100x
17 900x 300x 300x 170x 170x 80x 80x 80x 80x
16 650x 250x 250x 130x 130x 60x 60x 60x 60x
15 500x 200x 200x 100x 100x 40x 40x 40x 40x
14 350x 140x 140x 80x 80x 30x 30x 30x 30x
13 250x 110x 110x 60x 60x 25x 25x 25x 25x
12 200x 80x 80x 40x 40x 20x 20x 20x 20x
11 150x 60x 60x 25x 25x 15x 15x 15x 15x
10 75x 40x 40x 15x 15x 10x 10x 10x 10x
9 50x 20x 20x 10x 10x 5x 5x 5x 5x
  • Bonus Features: The only bonus features can occur at random during any spin. The twin reels can expand with up to all 6 reels twinning, or mirroring each other, While this does not guarantee that you’ll have a cluster of 9 matching symbol, it does significantly increase your odds.

Software and Mobile Experience

Renamed Spin Twins Deluxe Touch for mobile games, Netent made sure that this game is fully responsive with mobile screens of all shapes and sizes. The biggest difference is that while on the desktop game you can adjust your coin and bet level just under the Spin button, on the mobile game you will have to click on the Menu button to open a new screen and adjust a slider to make changes to the wager.


If you’re a fan of cluster pay slot games then Twin Spins Deluxe is an excellent slot game to play. Register your account today and see if you can manage to hit the jackpot with a cluster of 30 diamonds today.