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Tres Amigos is an online slots game inspired by the mystery and adventure of Mexico. If you love tequila and tacos, then you're going to love this spicy slot. Visit Canada now, and see if this slot is to your taste!

Tres Amigos Tres Amigos Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos Features

Tres Amigos has several symbols that populate the online casino reels. The spicy red chilli peppers are more than just a fiery smbol, they’ll serve up some zesty payouts as well. There's also a guitar, because everyone knows how much Mexicans love their mariachi music, and cactus plants growing all over the place. Of course, the three friends are the highest paying symbols, and three of them on the line will reward you with 2,500x your bet!

How to Play Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos falls into the category of classic single line online casino games. There isn’t much to learn about these reels, which is actually a comfort to many people. After all, when you have just finished a long day or week of work, who wants to sit down for some fun after you’ve read through a long instruction manual? Classic single line options are simple to use. You just put up a bet that you feel comfortable wagering and spin away. There is only one payline, so there is no maneuvering or strategising either. You can look at the pay chart that is provided. It sits above the reels and clearly states what the payouts are for each winning combination. There are two columns, because there are two types of betting options. You can either bet the lower amount and receive a lower amount if you win, or you can bet the higher amount get back more winnings for the wager. For example, three guitars pay out 25x your bet if you bet the lower wager, but it will pay out twice that much if you bet the higher amount. It is always more lucrative to wager the most that you can.

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