Play Top Trumps World Football Stars Slots Online at Canada

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Top Trumps World Football Stars continues the tradition of brilliant casino games online that Playtech is famous for, and in particular with this series. If you are a fan of the sport, then this version is going to really light your fire! Join all the superstars of soccer in a race to win the FIFA world cup and glory when you play these online slots free!

Top Trumps World Football Stars Features

We’ve already shown you how amazing a soccer tournament based off of this classic card hobby can be. So what’s the new edition have to offer that you haven’t already seen? For starters, all the players on the teams are fresh and current, so you will know exactly who is playing for or against you if you follow the sport. There are also great features that you haven’t seen yet. Coolest feature of all? The toggling team option! You can choose which team you are playing against and which team you are representing. Not only does this change the members that appear on the reels during these online slots, but it will also change the appearance as well.

Wild Card: A star-studded wild emblem is the wild card that switches up the combinations when you need a quick win. There is even a hefty handout when five of these babies present themselves on the reels; ten thousands reasons to keep playing!

Scatter Symbol: Use the Top Trumps World Football Stars logo to get lots of prizes in this version.

Bonus Features: Now for the thrillers. There are two gratis spin symbols, one for each team. If these appear on one and five, then you’ll be awarded twelve complimentary spins. The best part of this feature is that you will be alone on the board (none of the competition will show up.) You get payouts according to the combinations, and, in this online casino variety, you can mix and match players to create your combos! The Pass the Ball bonus round is triggered by the soccer ball icon, and there is lots to be won with these rounds, so strike them up as often as possible.

Top Trumps World Football Stars & Other Games

Sports are fabulous forms of recreation, but this is not the only outlet on our offsite arena by far. Are looking for some place to let off some steam? Then it’s time you joined the Party Line! There’s nothing political about these reels; it’s all just confetti, cake and festive fun, so hurry into Canada, and have yourself a celebration!