Play Reel Classic 3 Slots Online at Canada

If you don’t like the more complex slot games that have bonus features and multiple paylines, then you can try one of our simplified online slots at Canada, such as Reel Classic 3. This game is a single line, three reel version and can be played at our online casino. Once you start playing, you'll wonder why you haven't tried a single payline machine before.

How to Play Reel Classic 3 at Canadian Casino

To place your bet, you have to start by choosing the size of the coin you want to use. Then decide how many of that coin you’d like to place in the slot, with a maximum of three being possible. $15 is the largest total bet you can place. A shortcut for choosing three coins at once is to click on “Max Bet”. Once you spin the reels, you can sit back and enjoy the simplicity of this game. If you produce three matching symbols, then you are a winner! Examples of payouts are:

  • 3 Single Bar – 60 coins
  • 3 Double Bar – 120 coins
  • 3 Triple Bar – 240 coins
  • 3 Cherries – 480 coins

The Reel Classic 3 Jackpot

Unique to this online slots game at Canada, if you bet max and spin 3 Gold Bars, you will win the 5000 coin jackpot. But if you have bet less and land the 3 Gold Bars, you won't win the jackpot.

Play Reel Classic 3 at Canadian Casino Now!

The next step is to download our Canadian online casino software, create a login and start playing Reel Classic 3 at Canada today. It is such a simple game yet it will bring you hours of pure enjoyment as you seek to win some incredible payouts. Don’t forget to also try one of our other online casino games, such as Magic Slots and Party Line.

Play Reel Classic 3 at Canada: the only place to play.