Play Neptune’s Kingdom Slots Online at Canada

Did you see the Little Mermaid when you or your kids were younger? Ariel’s father, aside from being the quintessential dad, was the typecast perfectly fitting the king of the sea’s profile. Well, you can recreate this childhood character when you play Neptune’s Kingdom, the online slots variety that takes place under the sea! This version, though, doesn’t have the carefree Flounder, the concerned crustacean Sebastian or the scatterbrained seagull Scuttle. What it does have, though, is a giant pay out when you strike the right combinations! Interested in hearing more? Then grab your snorkel and let’s get going!

Neptune’s Kingdom Features

Neptune’s Kingdom might not have the traditional Disney character line up, but it does have plenty of sea creatures to populate the screen. Find friendly sea turtles, lobsters, clown fish, other fish and the weapon of choice when ruling in Neptune’s Kingdom, the triton. Oh, there’s one more symbol to look out for. The big overflowing chest of gold that is spilling over in anticipation for your winning streak! This symbol is the most exciting one because it pays out the best of all the others. So if you were to go for only one symbol, this would be the one!

When playing Neptune’s Kingdom, you can choose to manually tell the computer how much you want to bet, or to place the maximum bet with just one button. This option will land you the largest windfall when it comes, so go for the gold!

Play Neptune’s Kingdom For Free

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Neptune’s Kingdom & Other Games

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