Play Goblin’s Cave Slots Online at Canada

Have you ever been brave (or foolish) enough to venture into the dark and sinister Goblin’s Cave? Well, now you don’t have to risk your life to feast your eyes on the jewels that are hidden within. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your house! This fantastic online slots machine gives you a chance to not only see but to snatch away all those beautiful baubles from the greedy mountain dweller, so take a look!

Goblin’s Cave Icons

These reels are loaded up with everything you would expect to find within a trolling troll’s lair. Golden crowns, glistening coins and precious jewels all cry out to you for the taking. The bright red rubies are the wild card, and you’ll be brought to an unconventional bonus round if you strike three of these babies. You’ll enjoy deciding which chest of treasures you want to haul off with you when you leave!

Goblin’s Cave has an unusual twist to it. Unlike other options, that only let you have one go at a time, this is a multi spin version, so the fun just keeps on going and going! If you are unfamiliar with the multi spin concept, don’t worry because you won’t be for long! Once we’ve explained the general idea of it to you, you are going to be playing these casino games non-stop for hours at a time until you are a veteran of the reels in this field. That’s just how much fun they are to everyone, so here it goes!

How to Play Goblin’s Cave & Other Multi Spins

Multi spin options let you take the reins and start choosing your own images automatically. The first spin is automatic, meaning you don’t have a say in that matter. However, once those images have settled, you can hold any of them in place for the remainder of the spins if you so choose. Now, this is where the paytable becomes particularly important to you because the value of each icon is suddenly a move changer. After all, if you are given a chance to hold three symbols, wouldn’t you want to keep the ones that will likely give you the greatest gains at the end of the spin? Of course you would! What you have to look for is the higher paying icons, and stick with those.

Goblin’s Cave is just one of the enjoyable multi-spin options at our happening online casino. You can also participate in other exciting reels like Ocean Princess, Ugga Bugga and Triple Profits! Enter now, and play till the sun comes up!