Play Cute & Fluffy Slots Online at Canada

No fur allergies are going to keep you away from this adorable online slots machine! Cute & Fluffy hosts a duo of furry friends who are out to make best buds with you. How will they accomplish this task? Not through the traditional roll over and give paw method, but with a fabulous gambling amusement that will not only keep you entertained but will also load your bank account in the process! Come inside, and see what these four-legged friends are all about now.

About Cute & Fluffy

Cute & Fluffy is not the usual variety that we have at our stupendous gambling establishment. Most of our casino games online options are action-filled adventure themes with lots of fighting, gun power and blood. As such, the furry faces of some adorable animals certainly make for a great change of pace! Truth be told, though, many of our punters enjoy this version for its simplicity, and anyways, who can resist those big green eyes? All good looks aside, the cash benefits that come with these reels are nothing to sneeze at. So, whether you are an animal lover or not, you are going to fall hard for this edition.

Cute & Fluffy Highlights

The reels are all made up in soft tones to compliment the gentle nature of the main characters. The images that are found on these reels have everything to do with your favorite pets (that is, if your favorite pets are puppies or kittens!) You’ll see bowls of dog chow along with colossal bags of the stuff, a cat house with a ball of yarn just waiting for some soft paws to come and bat it about, and then there are the specialty symbols. A bone (belonging to the star of the show, of course) is the bonus symbol. This icon will reward you with plenty of pleasant treats like five free casino games and multipliers. All the gains from these rounds will be multiplied by four at the end, so keep those reels moving! The big round eyes of that brown-furred pup are the Cute & Fluffy wild cards. Use these to finish off sets of images that are just short of making a win. At last, the sweet face of a baby kitten is the scatter symbol. This has lots of potential for bonanza prizes, so start cat calling now!

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