Play Cowboys & Aliens Slots Online at Canada

It’s just about the weirdest combination that Hollywood could have come up with, but you know what? People went wild for it! It could be the fabulous acting of Harrison Ford or the foxy performance by Olivia Wilde, but you know what we think it is? People just devour those zany concepts that are so strange that they come all the way around to normal again! Well, that’s just where these online slots are holding. So if you are in the mood of some gambling entertainment that is literally out of this world, then step into Canada, and play Cowboys & Aliens today!

Cowboys And Aliens Features

Cowboys & Aliens has five reels and just nine paylines, so make each spin count.

Wild Card: The flame-encircled space cruiser is the wild card for this entertaining option. Get these icons for a happening set of winning symbols fast.

Scatter Symbol:The logo is the scatter symbol, and you could be looking at eight free spins at our online casino if you line these guys up, so don’t waste time!

Bonus Features:The handy revolver will open up a bonus round where you get to collect a number of freebies. There is also the Alien Annihilation bonus round. One of the fun aspects of this round is that you get to choose who you will be. You can either select Zeke, Verity or the Indian, and each one has their own benefits. For the trust-worthiest weapon, opt for Zeke. The gun has great aim, and you’ll get six shots to prove it. Alternatively, if you prefer the more natural route, the Indian’s bow and arrow will give you moderate control over where you are going to land your shot. Lastly, the whip is the least accurate, but six lashes might land you a good prize anyway.

Cowboys And Aliens & Progressive Slots

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Whatever version you are in the mood of now, we have the selection to fit it. So come in, and play to your favourite tunes today!