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After shooting some pool down at the bar with your buddies, you may well be in the mood for a game of 8-Ball Slots, the online slots game for pool lovers at Canada. One of of the classic online slots games at our online casino, 8-Ball Slots is a single payline, 3 reel traditional online slots experience. You’ll love the symbols on the reels with a variety of pool balls with different colours and numbers and of course they are all striped or solid for that extra authenticity!

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How to Play Online 8-Ball Slots?

8-Ball Slots at our Canadian Online Casino is played in the most traditional sense with no wild symbols or bonus games. Start by placing your bet, choosing a coin between 5 cents and 5 dollars. You can then place up to 2 coins of that value into the Slots or you can simply “Bet Max” to wage the maximum. “Spin” those reels and then wait to see if a winning combination comes in. Good luck!

Online 8-Ball Slots Winning Combinations at Canadian Casino

There are seventeen possible winning combinations on the single payline while playing 8-Ball Slots at our Online Casino Canada. Three matching symbols win you a cash prize. Alternatively, 3 solids or 3 stripes will also payout, even if they are not all of the same number or colour. As expected, the top prize in this game is paid out for 3 8-Balls and if you have “Bet Max”, this can pocket you the jackpot prize of 2000 coins! Another great prize is for 3 15-Balls or 3 8-Balls, each paying out 200 coins to the “Bet Max” player.

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Just Download our Canadian Casino software, create an account and nothing is holding you back from playing online 8-Ball Slots today! You may also wish to play one of the other great online casino games available such as Party Line or Reel Classic 3.

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