25+ Line Slots

In every group of sporting events there are different levels of intensity. Boxing has light, medium and heavy-weight contenders, baseball has minor and major leagues, and even golf has the mini putt-putt for the young’uns! Well, when it comes to online slots machines, the distinctions are prevalent as well, just with different names. There are classic single liners, more advanced 5-10 options and it goes up until the 25+ Line Slots take the championship. While we have a tremendous variety of all these styles, and we highly recommend you trying out each and every one of them, for now, we’re going to talk about the most riveting casino games that we host; the 25+ Line Slots machines. See if you are up for the challenge!

Why 25+ Line Slots?

25+ Line Slots machines offer the most thrills, opportunities and variations possible, making them the major leagues of gambling in our book. While the classics are fun for a little while, most punters will want to turn up the heat eventually, and that’s where these versions come in. Check out some of these 25+ Line Slots machines, and see which one has your name written all over it:

25+ Line Slots You’re Gonna Love

  • From Russia With Love is the version that bases its theme solely around the beautiful Mother Russia. Find all the classic images like Matryoshka dolls, pastries and some vodka that can burn the hair right off your chest (or put it there if you haven’t got any!)
  • Moving a little south of the last destination, La Chatte Rouge offers a spicy alternative to the cold Russian mountains. Enjoy a little warmth with this French club that offers a whole lot more than just good food on their menu!
  • Benchwarmer Football Girls is another male-driven sport that really gets your blood rushing. Scantily clad women are the cheerleaders for this version, so get ready for some exciting gambles up in here!

Once you start looking through our selection, it will seem like there is no end to the variety! At Casino.com Canada, we even have some 50 liners like the Six Million Dollar Man! These versions are about as intense as you can get, so head straight for our dynamite online casino and prepare to be amazed!