Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Online at Canada

Some people love to learn about ancient history. They revel in every detail about those civilizations that traversed the Earth before we did. Other people tend to find the inside of their eyelids more interesting than lists of dry facts about wars, produce and travel plans of deceased dynasties! Whether you are into history or not, there is one thing you will find fascinating about the times gone by. The ancient Egyptians used to bury their pharaohs with mountains of gold, precious jewels and other valuables. This had religious symbolism for the soul’s journey to the next world. Why should this interest you? Because our next online scratch card games selection is the Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch, and it is loaded up with all of those expensive items that King Tut never came back for. Finders, keepers, so get in here and start digging!

How to Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch

The Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch off is an elementary game to learn (especially for a history-educated player like yourself!) You just set the card price by clicking on the black plus or minus buttons and press play. It’s as simple as that to maneuver, but the difficult part will be ripping yourself away from your winning streak once you get started! Take a look at the screen, and we’ll explain things in a little more detail.

The board is decorated as a temple from the ancient Egyptian times. A decorated information box tells you just what to do in order to bag that win and collect those prizes we were talking about earlier. The ram shaped earn is actually a depiction of one of the Egyptian gods, and he is holding the prize value, so be nice to this animal! Once you’ve hit play, the card will be activated. The prize symbol will jump out of the idol head, and the amount below is how much you could win. Rub away the six squares to reveal all of the symbols and see if you have won!

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Extra Features

By the way, the Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch cards have the usual auto play functionality to give you a break from clicking when you are ready for one, and it also has the shuffle option if you want to change up the card that you were dealt. These features are available at every round, so you can always opt in or opt of using either one or both. Our online casino Canada is a treasure trove of exciting adventure online casino games, so come in and enjoy the fun with us!