Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch Online at Canada

If you thought every superhero was from another planet or underwent some genetic mutation, you are wrong. In fact, Steve Austin was just a regular run of the mill astronaut without any idea of what was about to befall him when he volunteered for an experimental surgery that was going to change his life forever. He became the star of his own TV show and The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch, as well, and now he is here to make you almost as much in profits from this exciting online casino game. Come to Canada, and see for yourself!

Tips For Winning Big at The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch

The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch is designed in a hi-tech sort of style in keeping with the theme of the show. Start your gambling session out by choosing the value of the cards you want to play with in this round. Most people will recommend that the beginners in the audience only purchase the lower range cards their first few rounds. This is just a suggestion, but it will help you get more familiar with the rules and the way the functions work. If you are already aware of the mechanism and gameplay from our other scratch card games, then you can dive right in with however high a card value you want to play with. The advantage of playing higher card prices is that you are increasing your odds of finding a major payout. Since the denominations of winning values goes up with every increase in purchase amount, the odds are in your favour the higher the price tag you play with. When you decide, you can just select the cards you want and continue on to the action part of the game.

How to Play The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch

Normally, you would click play and then scratch all to uncover the entire card that you are playing off of. That is how the majority of our online scratch card games work. Something unusual about The Six Million Dollar Man Scratch off game is that you aren’t turning over the whole card that is active. Instead, you are allowed to choose only four of the nine squares that are on the screen to reveal. If those four contain three of a kind, then you will win the colossal payouts that these scratch card online casino games offer. Otherwise, you’ll have to see the other five cells and what they contain. There are plenty more rounds waiting for you to give them a chance, so hurry into the greatest online casino ever, and play some more today!