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One of the most exciting online roulette variants around, Spread Bet Roulette allows you to play all the standard bets possible in European roulette, providing some classic action and wins of up to 35:1, but it also offers extra spread bets via a golden central wheel, with up to 400:1 to be won! You can play a range of standard and spread bets, and like any other game, the action depends on the single spin of the roulette wheel. Play Spread Bet Roulette via downloaded or web-based online casino games software, for free in Practice Mode or for real cash payouts, at any time of day: our online casino is open 24/7.

How to Play Spread Bet Roulette in Our Online Casino

There is a roulette wheel visible in the centre of your screen, and the betting table is below. There is also a golden wheel in play in the inner area, and this is the spread bet wheel that decides the outcome of your special Spread Bet Roulette bets. With this wheel, you can choose to bet on various ranges that reflect the sum of the outer and inner wheels combined. For instance, you can bet that the sum will be between 34 and 54, or even 0 and 1. This section can be ignored if your focus is on the standard gameplay – all the regular bets are still in action on this exciting online roulette game, so you can place anything from colour bets to straight bets, then spin to win. To place your wager, simply select your chip size, then place it on the table in the area that matches the bet or bets you wish to make.

Ways to win on Spread Bet Roulette

To win on Spread Bet Roulette, the number that the wheel stops spinning on must match your bet. The top three payouts on standard bets are 35:1 for a winning Straight Up bet (single number), 17:1 for a winning Split bet (two adjacent numbers on the betting table), and 11:1 for a winning Street bet (a trio of numbers in a row). Spread bets pay your biggest wins, with a giant 400:1 for a spread bet of 0-1, and 80:1 for a spread of 68-72. Like your standard online roulette bets, the payout range is wide and you also have bets that pay even money: the basic rule is, the easier it is to hit the combination, the lower the payout. The more difficult it is, and therefore the higher the risk element, the bigger the payout.