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Baccarat is a truly thrilling card game that’s played in casinos worldwide, but enjoys particular popularity in Asia. A simple online casino games option to learn, there are exciting bet options and big wins, but when you play No Commission Live Baccarat, you also get the added benefit of a live professional dealer and also some instances of commission removed from the wagering amount and payouts. Live streamed video footage of the dealers suits various devices and screens and can be enjoyed on flash online casino software or download software; live games are always available in Real Money Mode only, so to enjoy everything this fast-action and fun card game has to offer, you’ll need an active account and bankroll with us at Canada.

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Your aim on No Commission Live Baccarat is to wager on whether the Player hand or the Banker hand will win in your betting round. It’s the casino dealer that controls both hands and it doesn’t matter which you bet on – you can also bet on a tie. Place your wager using your software at home and the dealer will show the action with real cards on a baccarat table on your screen. Each hand receives two face-up cards, with all the numbered cards worth the value shown, and Aces valued at 1. Meanwhile, tens and royal cards are valued at 0. To score the hands, points are added together and with double digits, just the last number counts so e.g. 3 and 23 are worth 3 points only. If either hand is dealt at a value of 8 or 9 points, the action stops, with both hands standing. Otherwise, the player hand Hits on points of 5 or less and Stands on 6. Then, it’s the banker’s turn. Once both No Commission Live Baccarat hands are played, the hands are compared with the higher score winning. If it’s the Banker, all Banker bets win. If it’s the Player, all Player bets win. With a Tie, anyone betting on Banker or Player pushes, while all Tie bets win.

No Commission Live Baccarat Features

There are a few differences between standard baccarat and No Commission Live Baccarat. These are as follows:

  • On standard baccarat, a winning Banker bet has a 5% commission on its payout, while on the no commission version, this is removed so you receive the full amount - even money.
  • Tie bets pay at 8:1
  • On this game version, when the banker hand totals 8 points, you only receive half winnings compared to other baccarat games.