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When you combine a mini online roulette game with live dealers, you enjoy lots of exciting action, a real live casino experience in the comfort of home, and multiple ways to win. An innovative online casino games experience, you get to play a cut-down version of classic online roulette with the assistance of a real live professional dealer – it’s double the fun in a bite-sized live games portion! Fewer slots on the roulette wheel mean more chances to win, and the presence of the dealer means in-game extras such as winner’s boards and in-game chat. Will you try the fun offered by our Live Mini Roulette games today?

Get Started at the Live Mini Roulette Tables

Live Mini Roulette uses the same style betting table as our regular Mini Roulette game, and the same 13-pocket roulette wheel that includes a single green zero slot. You use your computer to indicate what types of bets you would like to place and at what chip size, and the dealer will spin the wheel on-screen via live video feed, then call out the winning number. Your casino games software will highlight the winnings on screen also, and if you placed any bets containing that winning number, then you’ve won! Players can only play in Real Money Mode – but that means only cash payouts are possible. You can’t access Live Mini Roulette games all day long, but there is an impressive schedule available - log in to your online casino account with us at Canada today and check out the Live Casino area to find your next game!

Live Mini Roulette Features

To the right of your screen you will see a table that displays previous winners; this enables you to see past successes and formulate your own Live Mini Roulette betting strategy. There are fewer bets available than standard roulette games online, but this means it’s an easier game to learn and also has more win potential. Your biggest paying bet is a Straight Up bet which pays out at 11:1, and your next most lucrative bet is the Split bet that pays out at 5:1. Five different bets pay out at even money – and f you place multiple winning bets, each will be paid out. The software is intuitive and reliable, whether you choose downloaded Live Mini Roulette or web-browser games; sign up and play today for the chance to experience live casino games at their finest.