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Win payouts as big as 2,000x your total stake and enjoy some additional and unique online blackjack side bets when you select online Buster Blackjack games at Canada today. Found in the online blackjack area of our online casino lobby, this is a great choice for any player who likes conventional online casino games with a twist! Play at any time that suits you, for real money payouts or in Practice Mode, on download software or on the web – whatever options you choose, you’re bound to enjoy the furious action and massive win potential.

Buster Blackjack’s Special Game Rules

There are several special circumstances in-play on Buster Blackjack, such as the bet that matches the game’s name. It is possible to place a Buster Blackjack bet when a round starts, and it must be placed before you click on the Deal button. When you make this bet, you will be paid out whenever your dealer goes bust (cards totaling 22 or more). There are also additional winnings for you when you play this special bet and receive Blackjack. The payout you win depends upon your hand but also the dealer’s cards and how many cards are in play when he goes bust. For instance, the lowest payout is 2:1 and this is awarded when the dealer busts with three or four cards in his hand. The biggest payout you can receive is a giant 2000:1 and this is awarded to you when you place a Buster Blackjack bet at the beginning of the round and the dealer busts with eight or more cards in his hand.

Your Buster Blackjack Basics

There are six decks of cards used for every online Buster Blackjack game, and the overall look and feel is pretty similar to any other online blackjack game you might play. The betting area is clearly marked, displaying the various bet types you can play and the payouts involved, and you place your bets by clicking the chips until they reach your desired bet size, then clicking on the required bet area. Once you hit the Deal button, you receive your pair of faced-up cards and then you play as standard – you will see the Hit, Stand, and Split buttons in play, with Double Down and Insurance entering the game when relevant. Remember: the unique side bet can only be played before you have your cards dealt, and it gives you the opportunity to make more of the dealer’s card and beat him twice!