Play Rubik’s Riches Arcade Game Online at Canada

The Rubik’s cube just celebrated its 40th birthday, so it doesn’t appear to be losing popularity any time soon. As kids, we were plagued by the challenge of that quizzical cube, and only the most adept of us all could crack the code. Now there are videos on YouTube that will show you how to do it in less than a minute, but in those days, it was a lauded honor to hold a finished cube in your hands. Well, with modern times comes ever more exciting challenges and new frontiers to conquer, and that’s why we bring you Rubik's Riches, an online arcade game that follows after the mind-bending task from yesteryear. See if you are up for the task at our casino online now!

How to Play Rubik’s Riches

Rubik's Riches is styled after the cube from our childhood, but there isn’t much else that will seem familiar to you. In fact, this is more like a slots machine than the rest of our arcade games you are probably used to. You can see the similarities right away when you look at the pay table, and notice how the game actually works. Your goal is to match up the same coloured tiles for a winning combination. Sounds like a slots machine, doesn’t it?

You’ll also get a kick out of the bonus round that you can trigger by highlighting the colourful letters of the game’s logo at the top of the screen. This happens each time you get a win of that colour, so keep that cube spinning, and you’ll be knee deep in bonuses in no time!

Rubik’s Riches Extra Features

Here are some more features that you will enjoy about Rubik's Riches:

  • There is a flexible audio track for you to play around with. You’ll be transported back to the 80’s with those flashy rhinestone sweaters and big hairdos with tunes like these, so take your pick.
  • The auto play is the casual gamers dream come true. You can set your wager amount, tell the system how many spins you want it to automate (anywhere from five to 25 at a time), and watch that baby go!
  • Turbo Mode is the fast track of online casino games. It lets you put your playing into hyper drive, so the next time you need to have some fun in a hurry, this is read and waiting to deliver.

There are so many reasons to join Canada and Rubik's Riches is just one of them. Come in, and experience the entertainment for yourself!