Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Game Online at Canada

When it comes to online arcade games, Rollercoaster Dice is one of our favourites. It’s got so many fun aspects to it, you’ll quickly see that it is hard not to love it! Just the theme will automatically win over most people’s hearts, but the excitement, the anticipation and, of course, the payouts will only add to the endearing value of this game. Get ready to claim your new top betting challenge at our online casino right now!

How to Play Rollercoaster Dice

Rollercoaster Dice has a simple premise with a lot of tenacity that keeps things interesting. You roll two dice, and you come up with a total. Now the trick is to guess whether the next roll of the dice will add up to a higher or lower value than the previous one. This is a similar theme as Around the World and Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot, so if you have played these other classics, then you’ll already be a pro at this style. If not, you’ll quickly get the hang of it. Each time you roll the pair of dice, the total goes up on the meter to the right side of the board. Then you’ll be asked to make your prediction before the dice are tossed yet again. This will continue all the way up the meter until you guess incorrectly or win the round.

The Rollercoaster Dice Challenge

You’ll notice four separate markers on the meter that are already filled in before you have even started. These are the prize collection goalposts. When you reach one of these, you can decide if you want to collect the prize money they are offering you, or if you want to take a risk and keep playing. Why would you opt for continuing? Because the longer you play, the higher up the meter you get, the bigger the prize values get! You could win up to 60 units for one game if you are lucky. Be careful, though. Unlike Around the World, if you guess wrong in Rollercoaster Dice even once, the online casino game is over, and you’ll have to try again for that big jackpot.

Rollercoaster Dice doesn’t have any specialty features such as wild cards, bonus rounds or novelty items, but it does inform you that two seven’s rolled successively will win regardless of your prediction. The fun amusement park theme will keep things interesting regardless of the frills and extras. Now it’s your turn to test drive this rollercoaster of fun, so log onto Canada, and check it out.