Play Pinball Roulette at online casino Canada is the ideal place to play a variety of online arcade games variants, including unique ones such as Pinball Roulette, which combines two exciting online casino games.

Pinball Roulette Features

Pinball Roulette combines the rules of two popular games—pinball and roulette. A regular pinball machine is used to draw a number at random. The roulette part of the game is based on regular roulette rules. Players can choose from a wide range of outside and inside roulette bets and play just as they play any game of roulette.

Players who want to know the results fast can use Playtech’s famous Turbo Bet feature, which speeds up the game and enables players to view the results almost instantly. The game also has an Auto Bet button, which players can use to play up to 10 games with the same bet amount.

How to Play Pinball Roulette

Like all other online casino games, pinball roulette begins with a bet. Once players have placed their bet, the roulette part of the game is contracted and assigned a tiny space to the right of the gaming screen while a pinball machine appears in the main area. The ball is released into a bumper studded main area, and after a brief journey through the bumpers, it lands into a pocket bearing a number taken from the roulette machine. If that number matches the number players had bet on, they will receive a payout. Otherwise, they can place another bet and try again.

Pinball Roulette Optional Gamble Game

Whenever players win a payout, the game’s optional gamble feature gets activated. If players choose to play the gamble game, they can multiply their winnings by up to a ten times, but they will lose their winnings if they lose the gamble game.

A different pinball machine is used to play the gamble game, and this time, the bumpers bear multipliers of varying values up to x5. If players get lucky, they will get a bonus game where they can grab a multiplier value of 10x.

Play Pinball Roulette Now

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