Play Keno Xperiment Arcade Game at Canada

Keno Xperiment is not your average Keno game. Yes, it’s got the same grid of 80 numbers, and yes you get to select your own destiny, but that’s where the comparisons end. With awesome graphics, exciting tunes and some fun new features that you are really going to love, this new and improved version is rip roaring and ready for you to take it for a spin, so check it out fast!

Keno Xperiment has plenty to offer anyone who enjoys arcade games online. This hi-tech edition kicks off with an electric blue screen and lighting bolts flashing across the logo. If you have already played a Keno style game before, then you’ll have no trouble recognizing this board. What you will find challenging, though, is understanding why the creators didn’t include these awesome updates in the original version!

The Basics of Keno Xperiment

Before we can point out all of the amazing enhancements, though, we’ll just quickly run through the basics so that no one is left in the dark. You have to pick a certain amount of numbers from the 80 that are on the screen. You can choose anywhere from two to ten different numbers. Just click on one of the numbers, and it will be highlighted as a chosen digit for the round. You can click on the number again to “unchoose” it, or you can press Clear, and all of the previously selected numbers will be erased. Once you’ve done this, you can decide if you want this to be a one off round, or if you want to play five online casino games simultaneously. Watch in wonder as the electrifying machine kicks into action and sends digits flying through the air and onto the screen. Get paid when your numbers match the ones that appear from the machine!

Keno Xperiment Exciting Updates

Now for the really fun part; the newest additions to Keno Xperiment. The Random Pick button is a new feature that players are raving about. You can have the system choose the numbers for you if you are a commitmentaphobe or if you just want to take things as easy as you possibly can after a long, hard week at work. The buttons sitting next to the Random Pick option are the amount of numbers you want the system to choose for you. Once again, this can be anywhere from two to ten. Finally, if you are really into changing things up, you can check the box that says pick new numbers before each round. This tells the computer that you want a new batch of numbers for every round that you’re playing. Remember, there is the possibility to play five rounds one right after another, so let our online casino make your day today!