Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Game Online at Canada

Have you ever wondered what you would wish for if you actually found a genie in a lamp? No matter how noble you are, chances are one of those wishes would be for some cold, hard cash. Well, now you can that wish granted from one of the tiniest jinni you have ever seen thanks to our online casino and our amazing Genie's HiLo game. Play this card game, test your nerves and see if you can keep things going long enough to collect a colossal prize at the end of a round. Bet you can!

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo

Playing Genie's HiLo is child’s play to learn but not nearly as simple to master. The goal you are going for is a correct prediction of the next card. If you get it right, you advance to the next level, or you can collect your winnings right there. Each time you guess the right answer, your earnings will increase. The longer you hold out from cashing in your chips, the greater the payout will be in the end.

Place your wager to begin the round. Then you’ll be asked to choose a card. This card is your baseline for the guessing stage. You can make two separate guesses: will the next card be higher or lower than the currently displayed card and will the next card be black or red. You can make one of these bets or take on both of them. Caution, though, if you place both bets, then both have to be right in order to win and advance. Each transaction is recorded on the left side of the board for you to keep track of.

Genie’s Hi Lo Tips & Tricks

Some points to keep in mind when playing Genie's HiLo are:

  • Each game is played with only one single deck. While this doesn’t give you a ton of information, it does allow you to glean some useful flashes of data. Since you know how many cards are in a standard deck, you can go through your pile that has already been dealt to you and bear this in mind when attempting to predict the next deal.
  • Aces are considered a one-value card, and are therefore the lowest run on the ladder. Basically, don’t shoot for aces in this casino game online.
  • Play continues on for eleven consecutive rounds. You can keep going so long as you continue to accurately guess the outcome of the next deal.

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