Play Fortune Keno Arcade Game Online at Canada

We’ve looked deep into the swirling mist of the crystal ball, and we can see your future. It holds great fortune and an entertaining evening for one. We can make this prediction even across the Internet because we know that is what you get when you play Fortune Keno at our casino online! Whether you believe in the mystical wonders of the magic ball or not, you can really win big and have a great time doing it when you play this and other arcade online casino games on our sever. And that’s something you can take to the bank, so get started.

How to Play Fortune Keno

Fortune Keno is just like any other form of Keno, but it’s got the alluring mysticism as a backdrop. The electrifying soothsayer stands to the side of the board, and she is ready to foretell the digits that will populate your next round. In case you haven’t played any version of this fun and easygoing option before, it goes like this:

  • First decide how many rounds you’d like to play consecutively. You have the option to play a single round at a time, and many punters like to swing that way. Alternatively, if you are the kind of gambler who likes to watch his bankroll stack up fast, you can choose to play five rounds in a row. If that is the case, the computer will use your initial bets in all five of the rounds and record the results for you to review.
  • Now you can pick your digits. Do you have a favourite number, or do you prefer to pick at random? You can use your birthday, first date, middle initials, old street address, whatever formula you like. Just select up to ten numbers, and the game will proceed.
  • Once you are ready to play, click the button, and the crystal ball will fog up before your eyes. Numbers will magically begin to float out of the ball and onto the playing board. If any of these numbers match your chosen digits, they will be highlighted uniquely.
  • The more numbers you can match up, the higher the payment will be at the end of the round. You can actually rack up a huge bankroll just from playing a few rounds of this entertaining option.

We Predict You’re Going to Love Fortune Keno!

Like many of our other arcade games online, Fortune Keno has a light air to it, so you can play several rounds without feeling weighed down. Come experience the mystical side of gambling, if you dare!