Play Cash Blox Arcade Game Online at Canada

Tetris has got to be one of the most addictive online arcade games on the planet. Maybe because it was one of the first online casino games to make it widespread or maybe it’s the colourful tiles and fast pace that keeps you coming back for more. Whatever the appeal, people all over the world love playing this anticipation-filled thumb challenge, and now we are making it even more accessible than ever before. Enjoy the retro style of Tetris in the convenience of a modern world by playing our latest and greatest Cash Blox. Want to hear more? Then read on, and get ready for some real fun!

Yes, Tetris was definitely a fond favourite for so many people over the decades, and, despite the fact that more complex and graphically appealing options have come out since, there are hoards of people still playing this tile version today. Well, if you are ready for the classic kaleidoscope game with a little twist, then we’ll show you how to play our Cash Blox for the ultimate combination.

How to Play Cash Blox

To begin with, set your base line by placing a bet. The bet amount will determine how much you will win for each of the categories of victories. There are four possible scores that you can make: singles, doubles, triples and quads. Of each of these four categories, you can win four times, giving you a total of 16 possible winning amounts. Those amounts are clearly displayed in the pay chart at the left side of the screen. If you play around with the Bet + or – buttons, you’ll notice that the amounts on the pay chart change accordingly. The higher the wager you place, the better the payouts will be for you.

Winning at Cash Blox

Now that you understand the betting part of Cash Blox, there’s not much more to explain. Press Play to start the tiles falling down from the top of the screen (just like you remember from the classic game of Tetris). As the tiles fall down to form lines, the pay chart will light up according to the lines that you score. If you create a single, for example, the first single square will light up, and with each consecutive win, the board will continue to get brighter and brighter!

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