Play Around The World Arcade Game Online at Canada

If you are working your way up the gambling hierarchy, then Around The World is a good place to start. It holds just the right amount of involvement, anticipation and gamble to make it a fun option, and the buy in is fairly low, so you won’t be concerned about breaking the bank on these rounds. Fancy a trip across the globe? Then get ready to sightsee the way an online casino goer does best, through the comfort and convenience of their computer screen! Check it out from our online arcade games section now.

How to Play Around The World

The rules and online casino game play of Around The World are fairly simple. Your goal is to make it around the board (which is designed to help you hit all the major hotspots across the world), collecting a bigger payout with every level up you reach. The amount you win will vary depending on how much you have wagered. Here’s how it works:

  • Place your wager. As we mentioned, this can be as low as ten cents, so you are really not working with any colossal amounts here.
  • Then click the wheel to make it start spinning. Whatever number appears in the scope, it will be recorded on the screen in the first square on the left.
  • Choose whether you think the next number will be higher or lower than the previous one. Every time you spin the wheel, the number that shows up will be recorded along the scrolling tape, each number in its own square.
  • Keep doing this until you reach a goal post. If you make a mistake in your guess, you still have two more chances to make things right. In addition, once you reach a post, the strikes are cleared. Correct numbers are recorded in yellow, while the errors will stand out in a bold orange colour.
  • The amount that you win on the first goal post (the Eiffel Tower) is 2.5 the initial wager you made. If you want to, you can cash in on this one, or you can keep playing for a higher payout.
  • Your next stop is the Statue of Liberty. Each time you hit a post, your winnings accrue exponentially according to your wager amount. You’ll get three, 3.5 or four times your wager depending on the level that you cash in on. Can you keep guessing correctly to make it all the way Around The World?

Specialty Features in Around The World

There are also a few unique slots on the wheel. If you land on any of these, you’ll get a special feature such as removing a strike from your board or advancing one step. Visit our online casino Canada now, and bon voyage!