Play Mini Roulette Arcade Games at

Mini Roulette is a unique online arcade games version of the classic online Roulette game; it’s fun, it’s fast and it’s a scaled down version with lots of big wins possible and even more winning chances. Played on a wheel that’s numbered from 0 to 12, and fewer betting options, it’s an easy game to pick up and play and offers lots of incredible action – and you can win up to 11x your stake for a single wager. Suitable for beginners and experienced online casino games players alike, the Mini Roulette software is just as reliable on web-based online casino games software as it is on downloaded software – and if you like even more speed, try the Turbo version. With 24-hour games, lots of bonus options, and games availability in both Real Money mode and Practice Mode, you’ll always enjoy plenty of choice when you choose to play casino games online at Canada.

Mini Roulette Table Layout and Wheel

Your Mini Roulette game is played in our online casino on a wheel of 13 numbers in total, with slot numbers starting at 0 and continuing through to 12. Look for the green 0 slot, as this completes only certain bets, and it’s easy to spot among the remaining black and red slots. The sequence is not standard, so numbers are not placed next to each other in counting order; but all even numbers are coloured black and all odd numbers are coloured red. The betting table for Mini Roulette contains all the boxes you need to be able to place your bet. This consists of each number for single number bets, also areas for column bets, red, black, even, odd and ‘half dozen’ which covers sets of six numbers e.g. 7-12. To place a corner bet (4 numbers) or split bet (2 numbers), position your chip over the numbers you have selected as potential winners.

Betting Options on Mini Roulette

The fact that there are less bets to know makes this an easier game to learn when compared with its more traditional cousin. Land on the zero and receive a payout of 50% of your stake. Straight bets on a single number offer returns of 11:1 when you hit. Meanwhile, a split bet (between two numbers) pays at 5:1. Your next most lucrative bet is the street bet, with a 3:1 payout. The column bet and corner bet both pay out at 2:1, and the remaining bets at even money, including half dozen, black, red, odd, and even.