The Growth of Online Gambling

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In May, the Global Online Gambling and Betting Market 2015 report revealed that online gambling is expanding slowly, with governments opting to regulate rather than restrict.

This week, we’ve sifted through the data to bring you five juicy morsels of online casino related news. It’s a business you can bet on – in 61 countries.

#1. Regulation for the Nation

The regulation of gambling and casinos has been around for as long as there have been casinos. The Italian government controlled the opening and running of one of Europe’s first casinos – Il Ridotto – in 1638.

The report claims that regulation is on the increase globally, as more and more governments realise the commercial sense of enabling gambling. Not every country is moving forward however. All forms of remote gambling were banned in Singapore this year despite the success of the fledgling Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino.

#2. Mobile is Making it Move

More and more gambling sites are reporting increased revenue from the use of mobile devices. As we all get used to having a PC in our pocket, playing blackjack on the move is now a reality.

This shift from laptop and desktop to phone and tablet is forcing operators to develop more accessible games and slots that work well on hand-held mobile devices. Expect a real boom in this sector.

#3. Land OK – Online No

Land-based casinos have been around a lot longer than their upstart online cousins, which means that regulation is established. 151 countries allow land-based gambling but 27 of these forbid online casinos. Some countries even go so far as to order internet service providers to block access and banks to restrict financial transactions.

On the flip side: there are 57 countries in the world that ban land-based casinos. In 13 of these, you can gamble online (mainly because there is no explicit ban in place).

#4. Crime Doesn’t Play

There are 132 countries where online gambling is banned or restricted. Fortunately, in 92 of these you won’t get a fine if you play roulette. However… in 15 countries there is an administrative penalty and in 25 you’ll get a criminal record.

#5. Acquisition Raising the Ante

The online gambling business is constantly consolidating. Mature businesses are looking to expand through acquisition and successful start-ups are happy to sell. Increased regulation is putting some operators under pressure and making mergers and acquisition a tempting option. Although regulation enables the industry to expand, it comes at a cost.

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