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Are your Spidey senses starting to tingle? Web-slinging troubled teen Peter Parker is a popular guy. His crime-fighting alter ego Spiderman is more than 50 years old and remains as popular today as when he spun his first web.

From comic book hero and blockbuster movie to video game and online slot, Spiderman is the quintessential superhero. Orphaned, guilt-ridden, angry, and hormonal, a little bit of Spiderman resonates in us all.

This week, we’re looking at Spiderman and the slots. From the early online games to ‘sensory immersion’, Peter Parker has come a long way.

#1. The Spiderman Skill Stop Slot

The earliest Spiderman-related slot we can find is this little beauty based on the second Spiderman movie – the one where Tobey Maguire beats up Dr Octopus on top of the subway train.

The Japanese game features some cool animation and dates from around 2007. Players have to use their skill (spidey sense?) to stop the reels. Highly sought after and collectable. We can’t find an earlier slots game.

#2. The Amazing Spiderman

Released in 2007, the Amazing Spiderman was a five reel 25-payline video slot, created by developers Cryptologic. The company was the first to license Marvel characters for online slots and The Amazing Spiderman was a big hit.

The game was one of the first to feature the three Marvel progressive jackpots. It also had thrilling animated bonus rounds where Spidey battled his arch enemy Venom to win bonus prizes.

#3. Spiderman Revelations

Cryptologic’s second foray into the Spiderman franchise was Spiderman Revelations which was also (see above) based on the second Spiderman movie. Once again, the game was five reels and 25-paylines with added scatters, wilds, and some state-of-the-art bonus rounds.

Two years after the initial game, Revelations was basically just a re-hash with updated animations. It still proved to be a hit for Crytologic’s online casino partners.

#4. Spider-Man Slots Sensory Immersion

We head back to the casino floor now for a Spiderman slot that will (literally) move you. Debuted in 2012, the slot machine comes with a motion system chair that give the player the illusion of swinging through the streets as you spin the slots.

Combined with footage from the actual Spiderman blockbusters, the game’s dynamic motion makes the whole experience feel like a thrill ride. It’s definitely the next level of immersive gambling.

#5. Spiderman – Attack of the Green Goblin

With online casino developers Playtech now behind the Marvel license, the future is looking very exciting. The company has already delivered a clutch of stunning games and the new (late 2014) Spiderman game is a cracker.

The game is still five reels and 25 paylines but the animations and bonus rounds have all been taken to the next level in this thrill-a-minute game. Spiderman may be knocking 60 years old but he just keeps getting better looking with every year. Now where can we find a radioactive spider?

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