Relax & Recline; 6 Game Thrones You Won’t Believe

Golden club sofa

Are you sitting comfortably? This week, we’re looking in the rear view mirror and postulating the posterior. We spend a lot of time sitting down when we are playing online. Isn’t it time you stopped giving your butt a bum deal?

From the Titanic and the U.S.S. Enterprise to the seat of Kings in the Game of Thrones. Here are our top five thrones worthy of any online casino winner.

#1. Titanic Deckchair

Last month, a deckchair from the Titanic sold in Devizes, Wiltshire, for more than £100,000. The chair was found bobbing in the water and was picked up by the crew sent out to recover bodies from the ill-fated wreck.

Although too fragile to sit on, the chair once belonged on the first class promenade of the ship. It is embossed with a five pointed star – the emblem of the White Star line. Moving stuff.

#2. Captain Kirk’s Chair

Beam me up for some blackjack, Scotty. It’s a casino, Jim, but not as we know it. To boldly bet where no man has gambled before.

Clearly, we have set the phasers to pun. In May, television Mythbuster Adam Savage upgraded his ‘disappointing’ replica chair, adding Star Trek sound effects, LEDs, and speakers.

#3. The Dragon’s Chair

BELGIUM/If you’re sitting in this chair, you’ve probably already won a jackpot playing online. In 2009, in the midst of a global recession, the most expensive chair in the world sold for a jaw-dropping £19 million.

Created by Art Deco designer Eileen Gray between 1917 and 1919, and owned by the late Yves Saint Laurent, the chair sold for ten times its estimate. Its elegantly curved and carved armrests would be the perfect place to balance your laptop, as you play for your next progressive slots jackpot.

#4. The Game of Thrones Throne…

You’ll have to head to eBay to buy one but it is possible to buy a full size replica iron throne from which you can enjoy a game of slots or simply rule the seven kingdoms of Westeros with an iron fist.

Program makers HBO made a handful of the thrones at a cost of $30,000 each. One would definitely bring some extra edge to a game at the online casino.

#5. The Mastermind

The iconic black chair is the perfect throne from which to make all the right plays. If you are playing craps, even a pass could be a winner. The general knowledge programme started in 1972 and is still as popular as ever.

The black chair has always been the same. I’ve started, so I’ll finish…

#6. Big Brother

Like herpes, Big Brother is back. The annual cringe-fest of celebrity wannabes returns to the nation’s screens for another exhausting run. At the heart of the program is the Big Brother chair. The secret place where contestants can let it all hang out.

Over the years, the chairs have changed every time but playing an online casino from a Big Brother throne would definitely be an unique experience.

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