Play Smarter: Learn Your Casino Facts


Think you know everything there is to know about Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and Craps? Think again! We’ve got a host of casino facts that are sure to earn you some bragging rights. Take a look and play smarter, wiser and better!




  • In 2002, a Blackjack hall of fame was created to honour the top blackjack players, as well as authors and experts on the subject.
  • There are two Blackjack terms that originated from baseball! The position to the left of the dealer is known as ‘first base’, while the position to the dealer’s right is known as ‘third base’.
  • Blackjack has been played for over 500 years, but it only adopted this name in the early 1900s. Prior to this name, players did not receive a bigger payout when they had a hand containing an Ace of Spades and a Jack of either Clubs or Spades – a ‘black jack’ hand. Until this new payout was added, the game had been known as simply ‘21’.




  • Slots are now the number one game in the world – in Las Vegas alone, the demand for slots is so great that they have overtaken the casino floor; one in every eight Vegas residents could sit and play at the same time!
  • Likewise, online slots have a massive listing, with demand creating the need for variety; you can now play classic, Video Slots, progressive slots, and Wheel of Fortune-style slots at the touch of a button at any time of day or night.
  • One of the most common myths about slots is around the jackpot payout – there is no way to tell when a machine is due to payout, and likewise, just because a machine has recently paid, it doesn’t mean that the jackpot won’t hit again! This is particularly relevant to online slots; every spin is powered by a Random Number Generator, so every spin is exactly that – completely random! This means that even when jackpots – including progressives – have been awarded, another could be paid out right away.




  • Did you realise that originally, Craps dice were used as prediction tools by tribesmen who wanted to tell the future? Now, it won’t help your game, but it’ll certainly impress your friends (we guarantee they won’t have realised either)!
  • Craps as we know it began as a game called Hazard that was played during the time of the Crusades. Its popularity grew to the extent we recognise today during World War II, as soldiers played the game in the trenches during downtime.
  • The longest known Craps roll in a casino is 154 rolls, recorded at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City on May 23, 2009. A player new to the game, Patricia Demauro, apparently rolled her dice for a total of four hours and 18 minutes!




  • The traditional casino favourite, Roulette, was invented by a mathematician, philosopher and physicist called Blaise Pascal. He was known for his experiments that aimed to design and build a perpetual motion machine – and this morphed into the wheel you play with today!
  • If you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, you will get a total of 666 – which is also known as the Devil’s number. This is actually true, but we have no idea who first decided to add up all the numbers. We do know, however, that the devil’s number was decided during pagan Babylonian worship – and we’re pretty certain that Pascal wasn’t aware!



  • The first ever casino was the Ridotto, in Venice – created in the 1600s, and it was devised as a way to monitor the gambling activity during festival time. In contrast, gambling was only legalised in Nevada in 1931!
  • In a typical land-based casino in venues like Vegas and Macau, there are no clocks or windows; only simulated daylight.
  • The MGM Grand in Vegas is larger in size than the Yankee Stadium playing field.
  • And apparently… sandwiches only exist because of casinos! John Montagu invented the first sandwich, and he allegedly created this meal of fried meat between two pieces of bread so he could keep one hand free while playing at the tables!


OK, so how many did you know? Are there any you didn’t think possible – or still don’t believe? We’d love to hear your thoughts – and feel free to add some more of your own fun casino trivia facts in the comments below!

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  1. Michael Rice says:

    Very informative article! I was completely unaware that Venice is home of the first ever casino! This was very helpful because it is important to know what you are getting yourself into when you gamble.

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree about the myths surrounding slot machines.

    Even though they know it’s completely random, a lot of my friends will refuse to play a machine after someone has won the jackpot, because they believe it won’t pay out again straight away (and they’ll continue to use the same machine because they believe it “is due” to pay out soon!)

  3. johncarnely says:

    The shared facts about the learning the casino games was interesting. Casino games are becoming popular.

  4. Cynthia Hall says:

    This is fascinating. My husband and I are planning a trip to Atlantic City, NJ. It’s been a while since we went and I’m excited to try my hand at craps and the Roulette wheel. My husband enjoys Blackjack, or 21. I didn’t know that game was 500 years old and I had no idea casinos have been around since the 1600’s!

  5. Ivan Deyanov says:

    Online betting is also very interesting.

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  9. Cherie Lowen says:

    This is exciting! Enjoy your trip to Atlantic City, and do try playing Roulette and Blackjack, you will have so much fun!

  10. Cherie Lowen says:

    I know 😉 Lots of people believe in those myths. It’s crazy!

  11. Cherie Lowen says:

    You are welcome, Michael.

  12. Jessica Smith says:

    Very unique content. I too hope that it will help someone and they will play better.

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