Play Blackjack at 35,000ft!!!!

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‘Ladies and gentlemen… this is your captain speaking… We are currently cruising at 35,000ft and the blackjack tables are open. Minimum bet $1. Speak to your on board croupier for more information…’

Cruise ship casinos and gambling on the seven seas is as popular as ever and prompts the obvious question: why can’t you gamble on a plane?

The truth is: the concept has been around for a long time. Singapore Airlines dabbled with lightweight slot machines between the aisles in 1981 – an experiment that lasted only two months.

Swissair also had an in-flight entertainment system that enabled travelers to gamble up to $350, and Virgin’s Richard Branson is still seriously considering it. He famously said: “Now, you’ll have two ways to get lucky on a Virgin flight.”

We suspect the in-flight casino is just around the corner and landing soon. Here are 5 reasons why we think roulette, blackjack, and craps at 35,000ft is a banker.

#1. Planes Just Got (a lot) Bigger

luxury_airplaneHave you flown in an Airbus A380? These double-decker airborne behemoths beggar belief and there’s enough room on board for a fully staffed Las Vegas casino – complete with showgirls, cocktail bar, and guest appearance from Tony Bennett.

#2. Airborne Gambling is Nothing New…

If you’ve ever flown a budget airline like Ryanair or Easyjet, you’ve probably been offered a scratchcard. Ryanair’s ‘Fly to Win’ scratchcards cost €2 each and there are various prizes up for grabs. Unless you eat it.

It’s also worth pointing out that lots of airlines now have in-flight wifi. This means you can already log onto your favourite online casino – whenever you want!

#3. It Will Be Sexy

French aviation designers Jean Pierre-Alfano and Frederique Houssard have already designed the high altitude casino lounge of the future and it’s stunning. The lounge has a 1960s James Bond retro feel and puts the glamour into gaming. It’s good… really good…

#4. Turbulence

Roulette might not be the first choice for the in-flight casino but turbulence is definitely going to spice up the action. Just imagine: the wheel is spinning, the ball lands on the number next to yours. Suddenly the plane lurches, and the ball jumps into your number. Result!

#5. Cheaper Flights

Gambling is a great source of revenue and could be a way for airlines to offer passengers reduced fares. Every square inch of space on a passenger jet has to be considered as a potential generator of revenue.

They can either stick a few more seats in or – take the gamble and gamble. We live in a red button world these days so it’s highly likely that the gamble option is probably coming to an airline near you soon. Wheels up, chips down…

3 thoughts on “Play Blackjack at 35,000ft!!!!

  1. AJ Shinall says:

    I honestly cannot believe that this isn’t already an option for air travel. I can see the revenue pouring in from bachelor/bachelorette parties. I’m disappointed this wasn’t an option for my prenuptials. Of course, you would probably blow your entertainment budget before you even reached your destination – but what fun you would have doing it.

  2. Dclark says:

    If every flight requires Tony Bennett then we’ll need to perfect cloning first, so that will set it back a few years lol. But seriously, why isn’t this already a widely available thing, even non gamblers could benefit if #5 becomes true.

  3. NanaMama says:

    Adding a bit of gambling excitement to long flights could be an awesome improvement. Movies are great, but being able to possibly win a bit of cash while travelling could be a great way to start a vacation!

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