Sensational Seating: A Top 5


Are you sitting comfortably? According to a recent study, the average Brit will spend 51 hours and 44 minutes seated during a typical week. In other words, you will spend more than 18 years of your adult lifetime on your rear end.

These days, we all love to surf the internet. You could be shopping on Amazon, face-timing a distant relative, or enjoying a game of Blackjack or Roulette at your favourite online casino. Any health and safety expert will tell you that good ergonomics equals increased productivity. Your choice of chair is important.

Armed with these facts, we thought it was time to dig deep and find the ultimate in rear-end action, the Mac Daddy of the derriere, the glorious world where the bottom is top. We’re saying cheers to chairs, with a big shout out to sensational seating.

Welcome to the guide to the world’s weirdest, wildest, and most eye-wateringly expensively places to perch that peach.


No review of the world’s most important seating could be complete without a little historical perspective. The first historical record of a chair is a sculpture from one of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea. Dated from about 2,800 BC, the statue shows a musician sat in a chair playing a harp (shortly before logging on check his emails).

The oldest surviving chair appears to belong to an elderly Egyptian woman called Hatnefer who lived under the reign of the pharaoh Ahmose I. The wooden, four-legged, chair is held together with mortise and tenon joinery and is a beautiful example of Egyptian woodworking skill. On show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Price – not for sale.


Think of a number, double it, add a zero, and multiply it by ten. Unless the number you are thinking of is $28.3 million, you didn’t correctly guess the selling price of the world’s most valuable chair. Created by Irish designer Eileen Gray, between 1917 and 1919, the Dragons armchair is an upholstered armchair made of brown leather and lacquered, sculptured, wood.

Yves St Laurent bought the chair in 1973. When it went up for auction 36 years later in 2009, Christies put an estimate on it of $3 million. In the end, its provenance, its previous ownership, and the fact it was a unique piece, designed by a famous artist, meant the chair sold for nearly $30 million. You would need to sit down, after writing the cheque to pay for this very costly chair.


French design company Harow have build a reputation on their mind-blowing skull armchairs. These incredible creations come in a variety of materials and colours. It’s basically a carved-out giant skull containing an armchair.

There are several different versions of The Skull Chair, but the one that draws the most attention is the 24-carat gold plated, one-off, edition with a luxury black velvet seat that retails for a cool $500,000.

There are several more contenders for the category of ‘chairs that cost an insane amount of money’. One runner up is the Lockheed Lounge Chair. Designed by Australian Marc Newson, the aluminium chair has three legs and is made of welded metal. It’s beautiful and can be yours for just £2.4 million.


Charles Eames, Corbusier, Arne Jacobson, Starck…Many of the world’s most important designers made their mark with the reinvention of the chair. From Eames’ classic lounge chair to Jacobson’s iconic swan and egg chairs, these designs have stood the test of time.

Originals are highly sought after and often expensive to buy but, if you want to hit the Internet in style, you can still pick up reasonably-priced replicas of these classic designs.


Once upon a time, the La-Z-Boy Cool Chair was the very epitome of laddish downtime. An electric recliner, complete with built in vibrating massager, a landline phone connection, and an armrest drinks cooler. This was the chair designed for the Super Bowl or the World Cup. The seat from which to visit a thousand online casinos.

Once scorned for their acquiescence to the baser instincts of mortal man, these mahogany–coloured leather monoliths are now highly sought after items; a celebration of the American dream, if that dream was literally a dream.

La-Z-Boy no longer make the Cool Chair. Fortunately, you can still buy the Premier Home Cinema Chair (in leather!). For a penny short of £1,500, you can bring a little movie magic into your home; a motorised recliner, heated seating, drinks warmer and cooler, an internal 10-point massager, and the handy armchair storage box, it’s got it all. With luck, the portaloo model will be following soon.

All joking aside: we do all spend a great deal of time sitting down. If you love surfing the Internet or enjoying the online slots at, treat your rear to something dear. A good chair is worth its weight in gold: increasing productivity, improving your posture, and making life generally more comfortable.

Give your behind a boost and find the perfect perch for your posterior.

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