Gambling: 10 Character Traits You Need To Win


However: there are certain personality traits that can make a trip to the casino – either off or online – more rewarding. Gambling is entertainment, balanced by the potential of a reward. It should be fun. A positive approach, a good mental attitude, and a pragmatic perspective will help towards you enjoying your time at the casino.

Here’s our top ten guide to the character quirks that will help you play like a professional, supersize that stack, and get the most from your trip to the tables.


The right mindset is key to a successful time at the casino. If your goal is purely profit, and you are treating a trip to the tables as a day at the office, you need to adopt a pragmatic and very businesslike attitude to what is likely to be a challenge.

If, however, you are simply looking for some entertainment, fun that comes with a winning bet, you can adopt a more relaxed mindset. Just set your limits, enjoy the ride, and make sure you know when to say stop.

In a nutshell: there are two fundamentally different mindsets: the player who wants to be a professional, and the player looking for some entertainment.


All casino games, where the player is against the house, come with a built-in house edge. It’s how casinos earn a living. However: a curious, analytical, player is far more likely to win. There are certain statistical realities associated with games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps.

If you’ve done the basic mathematics, you will know exactly when to bet and when to fold. Played perfectly, Blackjack has one of the smallest houses edges in the casino.


One of the golden rules of gambling is careful bankroll management. The ability to stand up and walk away is a true test of character, and very important if you want to improve your standing at the casino.

There can be a multitude of reasons why your game is off; personal issues, health, a bust-up with Lady Luck. Bottom line: don’t chase and know when to fold ‘em. Protect your bankroll for another day.


In 354 AD, the philosopher Augustine of Hippo said: ‘patience is the companion of wisdom’. At the casino, it is a critical character trait. It could be that favourite dealer, or the croupier, who always throws the roulette ball a certain way. Perhaps, it’s simply a case of knowing when to regroup and plan the next attack.

Patience gives you the time to consider your options, count your chips, or consolidate. Is someone at the blackjack table playing far too loose and killing the game? Be patient, they will soon be gone.


One of most popular games at any casino is poker. This is a game where players compete against each other, instead of the house. To win, you need to know the stats of the game inside out and the probability of drawing that King. You also need to observe your opponents.

Spotting and learning a player’s tell is the key to a healthy stack in the game of poker. If you can spot when your rivals are bluffing, you have them at a huge disadvantage.


Interacting positively with other players and casino staff has only an upside. If you playing Blackjack with other people, it’s important to communicate and make sure they are not drawing cards that might bust the dealer.

Lots of smiles, positive energy, and good vibes can all contribute to a productive session at the table. It allows you to relax and concentrate on the game in hand.


Eat food, stay focused. Every nutrition scientist under the sun will tell you that exercise and a good diet are essential aids to concentration. Otherwise, light up the cocktail bar, down a dozen tequila shots, and then see how long your bankroll lasts.


Anyone who enjoys a gamble will tell you that pragmatism is a very important characteristic to hold close. Pragmatism is defined as: ‘an approach that evaluates theories or beliefs in terms of the success of their practical application’.

In gambling terms: be realistic about your expectations and don’t be afraid to walk away.


If you want to be a professional gambler, you need to walk tall, strut your stuff, and bring the swag. Confidence is a critical factor and often the key to success for any successful entrepreneur.

At the casino, confidence will earn you respect. At the poker table, your opponents will feel intimidated. When it comes to table games like Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette, a little confidence can go a long way.


The best character trait of all: positivity. Spending time at the casino, whether online or offline, is all about having fun. It’s a theatre where everyone is a player. Stay positive and you can enjoy your role: win or lose.


Get your mindset right, add a pinch of pragmatism, a splash of confidence, combined with good interpersonal skills, manners, and a healthy constitution. Mix it all together, with a generous portion of patience and positivity, and you have all the ingredients you need to bring home a few winners at the casino.

Have fun, good luck, and stay positive!

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