Chips and Chairs: Sitting Pretty at the Casino. The Top Bot #5

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If you’re scared of flying, don’t like crowds, and prefer your casino action online, instead of blowing your budget on expensive hotels and trans-Atlantic flights, why not invest in the ultimate chair. Not just any boring old bench for your bottom: a peerless perch, a recliner that goes all the way, a bum deal with benefits. So if you don’t fancy London, Las Vegas, and Monaco a miss and treat your rear to the real thing.

Join us as we saddle up on some of the world’s most extravagant and insanely expensive chairs. Think throne and you are halfway there. From designer goods for derrieres to diamond and gold encrusted chaise lounges. Are you sitting comfortably? You will be… (if you can afford it).

1. Pininfarina’s Perch

Pininfarina is an iconic Italian car design firm founded by Battista Farina in 1930. Responsible for the design of some of the most beautiful luxury cars in the world, Pininfarina has also designed office chairs targeting very, very, very, wealthy executives.

“Available in four colours, the Xten will set you back a cool (are you sitting down?) $1.5 million. Yup: you read it right.”

The Pininfarina Aresline Xten chairs are probably the most comfortable in the world, with a Technogel design which moulds itself to the sitter’s body. Each chair is covered in Dynatec, a breathable fabric designed for Olympic athletes. Available in four colours, the Xten will set you back a cool (are you sitting down?) $1.5 million. Yup: you read it right.

2. Zaha Hadid – Curve Queen

Iraqi architect Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid had an extraordinary career before her death in 2016 at the age of 65. Her major works include the Guangzhou Opera House, Beijing Airport, and the Aquatic Centre at the London Olympics. She has also designed a chair.

Aha Zaha Design

The Z-Chair is made of stainless steel and only 24 pieces were made. It’s smooth, zigzag, design is pure Hadid. It’s jaw-droppingly beautiful, uncomfortable and impractical. Want one? If you are lucky enough to find one, they are not cheap. You can buy one today for a cool £226.652.

3. Marc Newson – Riveting Stuff

Australian designer Marc Newson held the world record for the most expensive piece of work by a living designer when his aluminium Lockheed Lounge chair sold for £2.4 million at an auction house in London.

Created in 1990, the three-legged chaise lounge is made from thin sheets of pure aluminium, riveted onto a fibreglass frame. The chair was featured in a Madonna video. If you’re getting ready for an evening of online roulette, this is how you recline in style. But, be warned: there are only ten editions of this chair. Hard to find.

4. Skullduggery

What room wouldn’t be complete without a huge, gold-plated, skull armchair? If you have got a spare $500,000 to spend then why not treat yourself to one of the incredible creations from furniture maker Harow, the Paris-based studio of designer Harold Sangoard.

View it here:

The skull armchair is hand sculpted over at least three months. The upper teeth of the skull form the base of the chair. The seat is upholstered in black velvet and the entire chair body is encased in 24-carat gold plating. Nice.

5. Enter the Dragon

We’ve left the best to last. The most expensive chair in the world. This is the chair you buy – after you have won the biggest online casino progressive slots jackpot in history. Designed in 1917, by Irish architect Eileen Gray, it is a brown leather upholstered armchair sculpted in wood.

Known as the Dragon Chair, the frame consists of two intertwined serpentine dragons with black lacquer eyes. Auction house Christies described the chair as a ‘masterpiece of invention and execution’.

Yves Saint Laurent owned the chair from 1973 to 2009, when it went up for auction. The final selling price … Are you sitting comfortably? The hammer went down at £19 million. Perhaps, that trans-Atlantic flight to Las Vegas isn’t looking so bad after all.

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