Mix it Up: 5 Casino Cocktails Perfect for Summer

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James Bond likes his shaken – not stirred, Tom Cruise mixed them, and The Dude would be perfectly happy to spend an evening with Vladimir Putin. This week, we’re looking up from the gutter and straight at the stars. We’re serving up five cocktails perfect for any casino – online or offline.

Remember folks: tread wisely – one cocktail at a time!

#1. The Vesper

James Bond is famous for ordering vodka martinis – shaken not stirred. In the 37 Ian Fleming novels, Bond downs 1,150 units of alcohol in 88 days. Never mind licensed to kill, in real life Mr. Bond wouldn’t even be licensed to drive.

He never specifies the exacts measures of his preferred drink but in the book Casino Royale, he invents the Vesper – named after his ill-fated lover.

If you want Bond’s cocktail, it is: 60ml gin, 20ml vodka, 10ml Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano. Shake all the ingredients with ice and pour into a chilled martini glass with a twist of lemon. Make love to the girl. Kill the bad guy. Save the world. Enjoy.

#2. Black Jack

We’re using Difford’s as our definitive cocktail guide and there isn’t a cocktail called a blackjack (one word). However, there is a Black Jack and that’s good enough for us.

It’s a fruit little number: 1.5 shots London dry gin, 0.5 shots Kirschwasser eau de vie, 0.5 shots Lejay Noir de Bourgogne Crème de Cassis, and a splash of water to taste. Stir, strain, add twist, enjoy…

#3. Roulette

This cocktail was featured in the 1930 ‘Savoy Cocktail Book’ by legendary bartender Harry Craddock. Craddock was one of the most famous bartenders of the era, serving royalty and the rich and famous.

The Roulette: 1.5 shots Calvados brandy, 0.75 shots Bacardi Carta Blanca, 0.75 shots Swedish Punch liqueur, and a splash of water (optional, if ice is wet). Shake, strain, add zest of orange.

#4. Casino

There are two classic recipes for the Casino cocktail. One is (again) from the Savoy Cocktail Book. The other is from David Embury’s 1948 book ‘Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’.

They are both more or less the same. This time, we are going with David. 2 shots of London dry gin, 0.75 shots of Luxardo Maraschino Originale, 0.5 shots of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 0.5 shots of freshly squeezed orange juice, and a dash of Angostura orange bitters. Shake with ice, strain, garnish with a Maraschino cherry.

#5. Shooters

Staying with the casino theme, our final drink of the day is the shooter. There are literally hundreds of these lethal miniature cocktails. From the ubiquitous Jagerbomb to the slippery nipple and the one that started it all: the B52. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy if you’re playing a game of craps.

Here’s how you make a B52: a half shot each of coffee liqueur, Baileys, and Grand Marnier. Refrigerate and layer in that order. Take aim… Shoot!

2 thoughts on “Mix it Up: 5 Casino Cocktails Perfect for Summer

  1. bobby says:

    Awesome cocktails to choose from. My favourite when I go to vegas is a classic bourbon and coke. staked up with ice!


  2. Yolly Tan says:

    My mother was into casino online. She is so bored at house. I put an internet connection to her computer and I was surprise that her hobby was gambling.

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