Let’s Eat: Casinos That Serve Amazing Food

Caviar and champagne

From blackjack to béarnaise sauce. Table jumping has never been more appetizing. This week, we’re chowing down at the casino to find the world’s most delicious dining and gambling destinations.

From the Michelin-starred delights of Macau and Las Vegas, to the street food of Singapore and the all-you-can-eat carnage on the Strip. We’ve pigged out, dined, and under tipped to bring you the gourmet’s guide to gaming.

#1. MGM Grand, Las Vegas – Joel Robuchon

It’s French. It’s expensive. It’s the only restaurant in Las Vegas with the full set of three Michelin stars. If you’ve just won a jackpot on the slots, this is where you come to make light work of your winnings.

The set menu is a hefty $445-a-head without drinks. Highlights include Oscetra caviar served atop of king crab and a crustacean gelée, Beef Chateaubriand and foie gras, “Rossini” style with aged Porto, and a lot more very pricey and luxurious ingredients. It’s classic. It’s costly. It’s perfect food served up by a French culinary genius.

#2. Grand Lisboa Casino, Macau – Robuchon au Dome and The Eight

With two restaurants boasting three Michelin stars each, the mighty Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau can rightfully claim the title of most foodie casino on the planet. Robuchon is here again, accompanied by (arguably) the best Chinese restaurant in the world: The Eight.

The Eight’s menu includes Pan-fried Sliced A5 Kagoshima Beef Rolled with Watercress, Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables with Gingko and Fresh Bean Curd Skin, and Stir-fried Boston Lobster with Egg, Minced Pork and Black Bean. This is Chinese food from another dimension.

#3. Atlantis, Bahamas – Café Martinique

Craps, roulette, blackjack… the seven acre Atlantis Casino is the Caribbean’s largest casino and has a high-end dining offering, including Nobu and the world famous Café Martinique.

The Café Martinique first found fame when it appeared in the 1965 film Thunderball. It’s an elegant venue, with a menu created by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Classic simple dishes like sautéed Dover Sole and Steak au Poivre compliment the old school vibe.

#4. Monte Carlo Resort – Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse

If you want to go large… Go large in style. The Casino de Monte Carlo is a bucket list destination for any casino aficionado. It’s one of the most iconic casinos in the world and has the restaurant to match.

Alain Ducasse is the driving force behind Le Louis XV, a three Michelin star restaurant serving up elegant classical French cuisine. Blue lobster, foie gras, milk-fed lamb are all on the menu. Be prepared to dig deep and don’t forget your jacket and tie.

#5. There’s No Place Like Home

If your top dish is mom’s cooking then the hottest spot in town is home. Just log on to your favourite online casino. Now you can tuck in and hit the tables at the same time. No dress code. No bill. No tipping. Just delicious! Enjoy…

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  1. Donald Peat says:

    I have always wanted to eat Alain Ducasse food. Also, I’ve wanted to visit Casino de Monte Carlo.

  2. Bryce Hamlin says:

    Hey Benji! How would one get in contact with you via email? I don’t see it listed anywhere. I work closely with Pala casinos and would love to talk to you more about your casino and gambling experience. Please email me if you’re interested in continuing this dialogue. I believe you should be able to see the email listed with my account.


  3. Cherie Lowen says:

    Donald, what is stopping you from eating those foods and visiting Casino de Monte Carlo? We only live once 😉

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