Hit a Casino Cruise this Summer – 5 Reason Why

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Fancy a game of blackjack with Blackbeard? Maybe a hand of poker with the pirates of the Caribbean? Perhaps you would just like to sail away as you play the slots. It’s all about cruise ships and casinos this week, as we pull on a lifejacket and get ready for a night at the tables.

Law is complicated. It’s why lawyers study for years and get paid huge sums of money. Maritime law is even more complicated. For example: any ship sailing more than 24 miles away from a coastline is in International waters. That means it is subject to the laws of the country whose flag it flies.

In a nutshell: it’s all good news for gamblers. Casinos may be illegal in most the USA but hop on a boat, sail a few miles offshore, and it’s time to crack out the chips and put the croupier to work.

Cruise ship companies know this and on-board casinos are a valuable part of the package they offer potential punters, looking to book a holiday on the high seas. Here are five reasons why hitting the casino, when you are enjoying your cruise, is a great bet.

#1. You Could Do It For Free!

Play your cards right at Casino.com this month and you could win a week long cruise to Alaska. The leading online casino is inviting players to simply opt-in and make a deposit to qualify for what promises to be the trip of a lifetime.

The lucky winners will get to see one of the planet’s last wildernesses up close and personal. Expect glaciers, huskies, abundant wildlife, and maybe even the chance to see the lesser-spotted former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Although gaming is not permitted in port, the casino opens when  the ship is at sea. This is the coolest cruise on the high seas and it could be yours for free.

#2. The Sharks are in the Water

If you love playing poker with a professional dealer, cruise ships are perfect for the first-timer. Land-based casinos can be intimidating places with professional players eyeing up potential prey. Unless you have specifically joined a poker-themed cruise, your fellow floating card players are more likely to be holidaymakers looking for fun than pros looking to earn a living.

#3. You Can Smoke

Smokers may be a dying breed but for the hard-core chuffer the on-board casino is one of the few remaining bastions of unrestrained lung damage. Although not all cruise lines offer the option, there are several that still allow players to smoke at the tables.

If you want to recreate that hazy carcinogenic atmosphere from yesteryear, where you could happily grab a quick smoke between your appetizer and your entrée, a cruise might be the answer that your registered GP is not looking for.

#4.  Open All Hours

Sunburnt after a day on deck? No problem. Most on-board casinos are open all day which means you can hit the blackjack table before breakfast, or even win a jackpot on the slots before you’ve had your bacon and eggs.

#5. You’re On A Boat

If you’re not in Las Vegas, many casinos are out of town – often on industrial estates or in slightly run down areas. Not on a cruise ship. Even if you have a bad night at the tables, you can console yourself by wandering onto deck and taking in the scenery. You won’t find a land-based casino with a better view.

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