Grab that Remote – 5 Tasty TV Winners You’ll Want to Play Now


Movies are often the perfect fodder for an online slot adaptation. This week, we’re downscaling and looking at five games inspired by the device that Frank Lloyd Wright described as ‘chewing gum for the eyes’.

Grab that remote and settle down for a quiet night in, as we review five fantastic casino slots inspired by the small screen.

#1. The Sopranos

New Jersey’s most infamous crime family – The Sopranos – makes an effortless transition to online slot. The game is as popular today as when it was created three years ago. It’s definitely an offer you can’t refuse (sorry).

Tony, Paulie, Johnny, Chris, Bobby and Artie all put in an appearance in this engaging 5 reel, 25 payline game. There are cut scenes and animations from the award-winning television show and more bonus rounds than you can shake a sawn-off shotgun at.

The ultimate aim of the game is to work your way up the family rankings and earn money as you ascend. It’s fun. It’s on the money. It’s your chance to mix it with the mob.

#2. Little Britain

From heavy drama to light comedy, the Little Britain slot is fun to play and a perfect homage to Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ hugely popular creation.

All the program’s key characters feature in the five reel, 30 payline slot, including Marjorie (fat fighter) Dawes, Vicky Pollard, Lou and Andy, Dafydd, and others. The voice over from Tom Baker perfectly adds to the overall experience.

Any game which features a ‘Lady Things’ and a ‘Big Gay’ bonus has to be worth investigating. As Andy would say: ‘I want that one…’

#3. The Love Boat

Online slot lovers of a certain age will remember The Love Boat. The hit American television series ran from 1977 to 1987. Every week, the crew would welcome guests and love would generally blossom (hence the name).

The five reel, 25 payline online slot has a groovy 1970s vibe and a weekly dream cruise jackpot draw, where one lucky player will win €10,000 every week. You win tickets for the draw during the course of regular gameplay.

#4. Baywatch

Who wouldn’t want to spend a little time playing with Pamela Anderson? In this five reel, 20 payline game, Pamela is in her 1980s prime, along with all the regulars (except the Hoff for some reason).

There are bonus rounds for Caroline Holden, Matt Brody and Neely Capshaw but Pamela’s character CJ Parker is the one that will really rescue you and breathe life into your bank account. Sassy and fun.

#5. Pink Panther

The Pink Panther was a cartoon character on children’s television in the1970s and 1980s. The cartoon was born from the opening sequence of the 1963 movie, famously accompanied by Henry Mancini’s Oscar winning soundtrack.

The online slot is a five reel, 40 payline game in the same style as the original movie animation. Bonus rounds include Crack the Pink, the Color Pink, the Wheel of Pink and more. There is also a Jackpot Adventure and gamble feature.

It’s a fun game with lots of features that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the iconic character. Just watch out for the bumbling Clouseau!


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