Get the Action Going! 5 Games to Play this May

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It’s May. Summer is coming. Spring has sprung. We’re heading online to bring you the cream of the casino crop, the games you need to grab, the pick of the 52 card pack.

From the hottest slots to the freshest new table games, here are five fantastic games worth both investigation and investment this May. Enjoy.

Fantastic Four Scratch

The Fantastic Four franchise gets a reboot this summer, with the release of a new blockbuster starring Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, Michael Jordan and Kate Mara. The movie rehashes the popular Marvel comic book story and promises to be ‘more gritty’ than the earlier bubblegum iteration.

However… You don’t have to wait until August to hang out with Mr. Fantastic and the super-powered quartet. You can enjoy a little ‘four’ play (ahem) with the Fantastic Four Scratch today.

Just move your mouse over the screen to reveal the panels and wait for the winning lines to flame on. With a €37,000 jackpot to play for, it’s the perfect game to (Silver) surf your way to.

Football Carnival Slots

With the regular season heading into extra time, and no World or European Cup action, football fanatics looking for a game are crying foul. Don’t panic: you don’t need to sit on the substitute’s bench.

Keep your Match of the Day mojo on top form and enjoy a game of the online slot Football Carnival. The five reel game takes us back to Brazil 2014 – Van Persie’s header, Suarez’s bite, Brazil’s defeat. It’s loud, proud, and fun to play. Give it a game.

Marilyn Monroe Slots

Iconic, tragic, and beautiful: Marilyn Monroe’s legacy gets an online slot makeover in this beautiful 20 payline, five reel, game. The star of Some Like It Hot gets some retro styling and fans of Monroe will love the game.

Hit the wild symbols and you are treated to a short animation of the classic subway skirt scene. With the brassy sounds of the big band providing the musical backdrop, Marilyn Monroe is a nostalgic slot and wonderful tribute to the Hollywood legend.

Perfect Blackjack

Blackjack is a mainstay of any online casino and one of the most popular table games in the world. The rules are simple and the game play is fast and fun. Perfect Blackjack is one of more recent versions of the game and it (almost) lives up to its name (nothing can be perfect).

As well as having smooth graphics and a cool soundtrack, the game lets you play up to five hands at a time. Is there anything better than seeing the dealer bust when you’ve got five winners on the table? Deal me in.

Sunset Beach

Ice cold beer, girls in bikinis, cocktails, and the beach. All this and cloning wilds and the chance to play four online slots with one spin. Sunset Beach is a next generation game you can play today.

Each time you hit spin on Sunset Beach, you simultaneously play four, five reel, 20 payline games. It’s colourful, fun, and the action is as hot as the beach. All this and four winning opportunities with every play. Top up your tan and your bank account today.

10 thoughts on “Get the Action Going! 5 Games to Play this May

  1. S Robinson says:

    I had no idea there was such a diverse number of games to play. I’d never heard of the Fantastic Four Scratch or the Marilyn Monroe slots. Going to check both of those out!

  2. Burt Price says:

    I like the Perfect Blackjack and Sunset Beach ones. Don’t really care for Marilyn Monroe Slots.

  3. Andy Shaw says:

    Tried a few of these games I’d never heard of before. I particulary liked Football Carnival Slots.

  4. ivan says:

    I like casino game and i play online.

  5. Ivan Deyanov says:

    Sports betting can be very interesting, esepcially when they are online where it’s faster and more convenient to bet at any given time.

  6. Poker Games says:

    Nice Blog. Good games thnks for sharing!

  7. Cherie Lowen says:

    Yeah, always better to play with a chance to win than to play something else and win nothing ever, lol.

  8. Cherie Lowen says:

    I like Football Carnival Slots too! anything regarding football and slots mixed together is fun!

  9. Cherie Lowen says:

    Well, those are good games as well!

  10. Cherie Lowen says:

    Did you get a chance to check those games? What did you think? 🙂

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