Book your Spot at one of the 5 Hottest Casinos in the World


Life’s a beach and occasionally a bet. If you like a little action when you head for your holidays, we’ve picked out a few dream destinations that fit the bill. Here’s where you can have a flutter when you’re slapping on the factor 50.

#1. Las Vegas

Surprise, surprise… The city of Las Vegas may be just over 100 years old but… What a history. Immortalized in music and the movies, the city is the spiritual home of the casino. It is also a holiday destination second to none.

If it’s just the casino you are after, there is something to suit every taste: from the wild west vibes of Sam’s Town to the Golden Nugget where you can lose your shirt and swim with the sharks.

Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, Katy Perry, Matt Damon, and Britney Spears… If they are not performing on stage, there’s a good chance they could be sitting at the roulette table next to you.

With its mind-blowing hotels, enormous swimming pools, larger than life shows, and party mentality, few destinations can rival Sin City for the perfect getaway – all this and it’s in the middle of the desert. Truly remarkable.

#2. Macau

Macau? Macau? Yup… Macau. As the Chinese dragon continues to grow, more and more middle-class, wealthy, Chinese are looking for a little r&r at the weekends. The Chinese love to bet and Macau is the new gambling Mecca.

Financially Macau now dwarfs Las Vegas. The hotels are bigger, the bling is OTT, the vibes are intense, and the action is relentless. It’s like arriving on another planet.

The casinos are all competing for your holiday dollar. That means Michelin starred restaurants, spectacular shows, and luxury on tap. However, Macau’s real beauty is its Portuguese colonial architecture, ancient shrines, and history. Go visit.

#3. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a great example of marketing. How did a relatively small principality earn such a global reputation? Answer: the casino. The Formula One Grand Prix also helps.

Monte Carlo’s location makes it a vacation no brainer. You can head east into Italy or west along the French Riviera. Switzerland is to the north and Sardinia is a ferry ride away. All this and one of the world’s most famous casinos.

#4. Jamaica

Jamaica’s reputation as a holiday destination is assured but it makes the list because of the Terra Nova Hotel and Casino in Kingston. The hotel was built in 1924 and is a ‘great house’, in the European style.

Blanche Blackwell once lived here. She is the mother of Chris Blackwell – the founder of Island Records. She also had an affair with James Bond author Ian Fleming. All this and blackjack too! It’s the excuse we need to stick this on the vacation bucket list.

#5. London

Let’s show a little London bias. No beaches but one of the most exhilarating cities in the world with the casinos to match. You could try and wangle your way into Aspinalls, The Clermont, or the Ritz. Just make sure your pockets are deep.

Alternatively, there is the recently revamped London Hippodrome with three floors of gaming and a burlesque casino bar in the basement. It’s just one of many amazing venues and sights to see in London and a great reason to visit.

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