Beat Blackjack and Roulette with these 10 Rules


You’ve got your free drink. You’ve bought $5,000 worth of chips and your complimentary suite has a great view of the strip (don’t forget: you’re only gambling $200). You’ve picked your table. It’s time to play.

Whatever game you choose, the cards, wheel, or dice can swing either way. These tips will improve your chances at the table and stop you looking like a roulette rookie or a blackjack beginner. Pay attention now and remember: it’s your money.

#1. Roulette – Go European

There really aren’t many tips for the roulette player, as it’s basically a game of chance – but this one is a no brainer. Always play the European game because it has only one green zero.

The zero represents the house win. American roulette has two zeroes. Therefore the house has a higher edge. Unless you love betting the colour green, or enjoy donating money to casinos, keep your roulette game European.

#2. Roulette – Study Form

This is really a tip for someone with a lot of time on their hands: roulette wheels are not perfect. There will be a bias but it can take a long time to spot. Spaniard Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo spent hours studying roulette wheels around the world and made millions. It takes patience but it can be done.

Keep an eye on the screen next to very roulette table that lists the winning numbers. Quick trends can occur. It could be something as simple as fluff on the wheel but it’s worth a sneaky bet.

#3. Roulette – Bet Outside

BThe returns are less when you bet the outside: red/black, odd/even, high/low, columns and dozens. However, you can wager more and your win rate will be higher.

#4. Roulette – Collect Your Win

If you win, croupiers will often just shove your winnings at you and leave your original bet to ride on the table. Make sure you pick up all your chips when you’ve had enough. You’ve had a great night at the casino, you’re up. Go home.

#5. Blackjack – Never Split Tens

Casino GamesThe dealer has a six and you have two tens. Tempted to split? Don’t do it. You already have a great hand. Only a blackjack will beat it. You’ve (probably) won already.

#6. Blackjack – Always Split Eights

You’ve got a grand total of 16 – the worst possible blackjack hand. You may as well split them and hope for some better luck. Even if only one hand wins, you’ve recovered your stake and drawn even.

#7. Blackjack – Double Down When…

  • If you get a total of 11 and dealer is showing a ten or an ace
  • If you get a total of 10 and the dealer has nine or less
  • If you get a total of nine and the dealer has eight or less
  • If your cards total nine and the dealer has a four, five, or six

#8. Hit Soft, Hold Hard

If get a soft 17 (ace – 6) always hit it. If it’s hard (10-7) stand

#9. Never Take Insurance

Unless you can count cards, this is a loser’s bet.

#10. Take A Crib Sheet

There’s no reason why you can’t take a detailed strategy chart to the table that outlines every play. It’s perfectly legal not considered cheating. You might get a few funny looks from your fellow players but you’ll be smiling when you cash your chips at the end of the day.

9 thoughts on “Beat Blackjack and Roulette with these 10 Rules

  1. Paul says:

    Along with authenticity, a good rating is also an important thing to check out. Scores can determine in different forms, i.e. the online casino with high website traffic can be considered to be the very best alternatives for you as the better web traffic websites show that they’re a lot more popular as well as therefore a lot more trustworthy likewise.

  2. Richard Harris says:

    Some interesting ideas here. I particularly like the advice when playing blackjack. I have had much success with this.

  3. Shahidul Islam says:

    Many useful thoughts in this article. When i in particular such as tips as soon as taking part in blackjack. I’ve got received considerably achievements on this.

  4. tmpope says:

    These are really great tips, especially for roulette. I never knew there was a difference between European and American roulette and that European roulette has only one green zero. I will remember that the next time I play roulette in Reno!

  5. Judy Workman says:

    The European roulette sounds good and it’s a little different because it has only one green zero. Those tips are really good. I think my favorite is the Blackjack games. I have played some of them online. Thanks for the good tips!

  6. Richard Harris says:

    Love blackjack and roulette. There are some great tips here and they do work well.

  7. The Master says:

    European Roulette absolutely, but don’t stay on the table to long at any one time. At the beginning the odds favor the player but they decrease as you continue to play. So it’s better to win and walk away then come back. Never look back if you walk away to see the result to tempt you back wait your 10 ,15 mins then try again, particularly if play the same numbers all the time. Also never chase a loss wait , take a breather then come back:))))

  8. Alex Anderson says:

    man i don’t know about playing roulette , at one stage of my life it nearly ruined my life and my university room mates , but i guess cause we did not know what we where doing , but just blindly playing expecting to win.

  9. Catalin Ciolan says:

    I disagree with you +Crys, a method exist… for example I’ve tried this week the liveroulette soft and it’s really one of the best… Of course I didn’t win all the spins, but in 2-3 days I’ve got around €200… Seems to be nothings, but it’s better than losing continuously playing random

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