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Lucky Blackjack combines the joy of playing cards with ease and simplicity. The key to playing online Lucky Blackjack is in the betting. It's a single player game for which you need to correctly guess the number of points that the dealer will get. If you guess correctly, you win!

How does Lucky Blackjack Differ from Classic Blackjack?

In Lucky Blackjack you're betting on the card total you think the dealer will receive. Whereas in classic online blackjack you are dealt cards and you play against the dealers, in Lucky Blackjack you are not dealt your own cards.

How to Play Online Lucky Blackjack

You'll begin each round of Lucky Blackjack by placing your bet. Then you'll choose one of seven potential scores from the middle of the table — 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, BJ (blackjack), or Bust. This number represents the total points you are betting the dealer will get. Once your bets have been placed, you'll click on the "Deal" button. The dealer will then receive one face-up card and one face-down card. The face-down card will then be revealed. If the total is 16 or below, then the dealer will be forced to hit until the total amount comes to 17 or more. If the initial two cards already total 17 or above, then the dealer must stand.

The dealer will continue adding cards to the table until the card total reaches 17 or higher, or busts (that is, goes over 21 points). If the final total equals the number you chose, then you win. If it does not, then you lose.

Lucky Blackjack Payouts

Different point totals come with different odds, which will affect your payouts. For example, if you bet that the dealer gets a 17 and are correct, then you'll be paid 5 to 1 on your bet. But if you bet that the dealer will get blackjack and are correct, you'll receive a payout of 19 to 1. See below for the full list of payouts:

  • 17 = 5:1
  • 18 = 6:1
  • 19 = 6:1
  • 20 = 4:1
  • 21 = 12:1
  • Bust = 2:1
  • Blackjack = 19:1

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