Play 25 Line Aces and Faces Videopoker Online at Australia

Aces and Faces online videopoker has never been more exciting than when you play it 25 hands at a time. More risk and more excitement leads to the potential for greater payouts.

How to Play 25-Line Aces and Faces

25-line Aces and Faces begins in much the same way as a regular game of Aces and Faces. You choose your bet and click on “deal”. You will be dealt one 5 card hand at the bottom of your screen with large cards and twenty-four 5 card hands in rows with small cards above it. You then select the cards that you wish to hold from your primary poker hand. These cards will appear in all 25 poker hands. Click on “deal” again and the remaining cards will be filled in from 25 separate decks of cards to create 25 distinct poker hands. You will be paid out winnings based on each separate poker hand.

You will have the option of gambling your winnings to double or half double them. You and the computer will choose a card from a selection of face-down cards. If your card is higher than the computer’s, you will double or half double those winnings. If it is lower, you will lose your latest winnings.

Remember with Aces and Face online videopoker, your lowest possible winning pair is a pair of Aces or face cards. Lower pairs do not win.

25-Line Aces and Faces at AU

You can enjoy Aces and Faces online videpoker at AU and enjoy the twist of playing with 25 hands instead of one. Download the online casino software and begin playing online casino games for real money to start winning today. You can enjoy other multi-line online videopoker games at our Australian Online Casino, including 50-Line Joker Poker and 4-Line Deuces Wild. Read about the general rules of videopoker at How to Play Videopoker.