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One of the most exciting online casino games anywhere across the world is roulette. Online casinos offer different variations of online roulette for you to choose from. One of the versions that you get at is Roulette Pro. It is more or less like traditional roulette, except for a couple of things. Like all other Playtech games Roulette Pro looks great and has lots of fun features to help you win. The interface is fantastic, with excellent graphics and animations. All the features are loaded on the screen without making it look cramped. Enjoy this great game at leading online casino

More Facts about Roulette Pro Online

The wheel in Roulette Pro as 37 slots in all – slots for the numbers 1 through 36 and one slot for 0. Like other roulette variations, you place bets on where the ball is likely to stop at the end of a spin. Given that there are 37 slots in all the probabilities are enormous, and that is why there are a range of bets to ensure you have a good chance of winning at least some of your wager money back, if not all.

The screen looks great, as mentioned earlier. Excellent animations ensure the screen lights up whenever you roll over it. At the top left of the screen you find the wheel. Next to it is the chip tray; chips are also arranged on the table’s edge at the bottom of the screen to make placing bets easy. At the top right is a list on which the numbers where the ball has stopped are listed after each round. Just before it is another mini-screen with animation that shows a portion of the wheel spinning and then the slot on which the ball stops. At left of center is the Spin button and just below it are the additional bets you can place. These include:

  • Voisins du Zero
  • Tier
  • Orphelins
  • Neighbors
  • Final Bet

At the center of the table you find the numbers laid out correctly and also the bets you can place listed out.

Playing Roulette Pro for Real Money Online

Before you play Roulette Pro you have to place your bets by clicking on a specific chip size and clicking on the different bet areas depending on the bets you want to place. All the regular bets available in a roulette game are available in Roulette Pro as well. There are a few other special bets as well that you can place; the Announce or Call bets are available.

Once you have placed the bets click Spin to spin the wheel. The ball stops on a number at the end of a spin; you get paid based on the bets you had placed.

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