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Among all the different variations of roulette you get at online casino sites, one exciting game is NewAR Roulette. NewAR Roulette is one of the roulette online casino games from Playtech that you can play at The game is more or less like the standard online roulette games, with some unique features. Since this game is brought to you at by Playtech, you can expect excellent graphics and features; you will definitely not be disappointed.

More about NewAR Roulette

NewAR Roulette plays like the standard roulette game that you get at most online casinos. You get the standard European roulette table layout – 36 slots for the numbers 1 to 36 and a slot for 0. The interface in the game is superb. The camera icon at the top left allows you to change the angle of the roulette table; you can switch between a side view and a frontal view. The Color option below it allows you to change the color of the table. The table and roulette wheel occupy most of the screen.

The screen at the top right helps keep track of the slots where the ball landed in each game, while the More Bets option at the bottom right lists out the Final bets for you. The small screen to the bottom left of the screen shows the slot where the ball landed after a spin. The chips are arranged on the table itself. The table icon at the top of the betting area in the frontal view lists the special bets. In the side view the special bets section is already showing so there is no table icon to click.

The Details button lists out the details about the payouts for the different bets. At the bottom left of the screen you get details on the amount wagered and the amount won.

Placing Bets at NewAR Roulette Online

To play NewAR Roulette at Australia you have to first place your bets. Click on the chip you want to use and then click on the different bet types you wish to place to cover all numbers. While you are placing your bets you will find a timer running that shows you how much time you have to place your bets. All the standard roulette bets apply in NewAR Roulette. You can also place any of the special bets mentioned earlier.

After placing your bets you have the option of clearing them out – the last bet placed or the entire lot – if you wish to change the betting positions. Click Confirm Bets to confirm the bets placed. You are now ready to play. Once your bets are placed, click Spin to get the wheel spinning. The ball starts rolling and then stops on one of the slots. How much you win or lose depends on the bets you have placed.

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