Pre-paid card casino

Pre-paid cards are the perfect choice for those who have no access to other types of online payment, such as credit and debit cards. They are bought from stores throughout the world and when cash is paid, a card is issued that allows the owner to make purchases up to the value of the money on the pre-paid card. Although this isn’t a hugely popular payment method, it is becoming increasingly commonplace as more and more people realise its benefits.

At our online casino, we accept one of the best known pre-paid cards around – PaySafeCard. This is without doubt one of the best-known pre-paid card in the world and also the company that we would encourage everyone to try first – especially if they want to play online casino games on Australia!

Aside from the fact that these cards are great for those without bank cards, they are also a great way to maintain privacy and security while online. As there is no contact with a debit or credit card anyway along the line, it means that there is no chance of bank details finding their way onto the internet, which helps players at Australia to maintain privacy and security at all times.